7 February 2013

Private Pool Party is ZUP ♡

~ ♡ ~

Hi there guyz♥  MISS ME ??  I miss you guyz to the MAX♥  ^^  Finally I finished my exam, CNY mood is ON !!  ^-^

So today post is about a Pool Party that I had attended on last few weeks ago. It's actually my dear @Catz 's birthday celebration. This is the first time that I attending the pool side party, so quite nervous about that since I don't know anyone there except for the birthday girl.  ^_^'''


#1.  Bikini Top bought at @Singapore, Short Pants from @MNG

#2.  Need to start diet since I gain weight a lot during exam week.  =P

#3.  Since I have been informed that I might throw into the pool on that night, so I just applied light make-up.

About 8pm, one of the photographer fetched me to the destination. When we reach there, we don't know anyone there, it's nice to met them all♥  ^.^V  Eating Domino's Pizza while waiting for the b'day girl to come down.

Pool Party's Moment :

#4.  When we reach there, saw @Catz's coursin bro @Jeremy making Chocolate Fountain

#5.  My favourite jelly jelly ^^

#6.  Marshmallow but I don't eat it.  =)

#7.  Foods for matching the choc fountain

#8.  Ta-da!  

#9.  It's ready to served.

#10.  @Jessie and @Jason made her a b'day greeting card.

#11.  My b'day greeting to her

#12.  Finally the b'day girl was come down. SEXY BABY♥  ^^






#18.  Behind the scene.  XD




#22.  Her birthday cake.

#23.  Oops!  Almost forgot to inform you guyz, she is a HUGE FANS OF HELLO KITTY like I do♥  =P

#24.  Last but not least, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY my dear♥  (^3^)

#25.  Me with selca with the kawaii cake~  =D

#26.  Group photo ^^

Thanks for her to invited me to the pool party. It was FUN and it's great to make new friends. LOVE YA

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