14 February 2013

MV Launch♡ (Invited Event)

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Hola guys It's been a week I didn't update my bloggie cause this few days is Chinese New Year, so I have been very busy to went out with cousins and friends.  =)  So today post is about the MV Launch which happened on last month. The reason that why I didn't blog is earlier is because after I attended the event, I'm having my exam for 2 weeks.

So the PR of this event is my friend, and he invited me to attended this event as a blogger.  This event is about "SHE BELIEVES HE LIES - Penipu Hati" . It is a short film and music video to be launched on the 23rd January 2013. Local Artist Featuring Korean Top Group Female cover dancer - Waveya.

#Shini's OOTD : 

#1.  Top from Unknown, Skirt from Forever 21. Red wedges from Singapore, Bag from Burberry(Japan).


#3.  Close-up




Because I scare to be alone, so I invited another friend - Hoshi to joined me for the event. The event is happened on Geographer Restaurant & Bar.

#SHE BELIEVES HE LIES - Penipu Hati's Event :

#7.  VERNS is one of the sponsor for this event.  =)



#10.  My seat is beside the person who wearing the cap.

#11.  Buffet


#13.  I miss my long hair cause I chop it now.  ='(

#14.  The Geoprapher restaurant & bar is one of the sponsor too. =)

#15.  They provide a bag of poster and some voucher for each of us.

#16.  The stage

#17.  My badge as a blogger.

#18.  Hoshi and me.




#22.  This is the singer for this music video - Ellisan Tan

#23.  The models in this short film.

#24.  I like the girl with the hat - Fancy, she's so cute. ^^


#26.  Mico's smile so brightly. 

#27.  The producer.


#29.  The PR - Wan and me

#30.  Hoshi and me. Anyone interested with the GIYONGCHY cap that he's wearing can PM me.  ^^


Last but not least, this is it :

She Believes, He Lies - Penipu Hati (DIRECTOR PREVIEW VERSION)

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