29 January 2013

Cinnamoroll Curry シナモロール カレー♡ (Cooking Post)

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Konnichiwa♥  Are you a fans of #Cinnamoroll?  Or fans who interested to cooking, japanese, yummy foods? Then you shouldn't miss this post !  YIPPEE~ Today post is about COOKING aka DIY CURRY

Since I'm not currently live with my family because I'm studying at KL. So normally I cook by own or drive out for meals. I guess some of the readers knew I'm a huge fans of Japanese foods. I'm craving for it like almost everyday.  O( ∩ _ ∩♥ )O  What should I say, who doesn't love japanese foods am I right?  =)  Therefore, today post is introduce you the #Cinnamoroll Curry シナモロール カレ♥  

Cinnamoroll Curry シナモロール カレ :

#1. Ta-da!  Kawaii desu neh?  Normally what you can see is the normal packaging, but I bought this because of the cute cinnamoroll's design♥  Any fans of it here?  =)


#3.  Take it out from the box.

#4.  The inter design also very kawaii.  ^^

#5.  They provide you cutie sticker too

#6.  There are two method of cooking you can choose, I chosen the boiling way.

#7.  Put the whole packet in the pot and boil until reach the boiling point.

#8.  DONE !

#9.  Each packet only for 1 person.


You can found this at @Shojikiya.  The packet that I chosen is only vege. If you want meat or other ingredients, you can choose other packet or you can add by your own too.  ^^  Hope you guyz enjoy this post. Next time if you craving for curry you can just DIY your own japanese curry 

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