1 August 2012

Say Hi to August and Bubye to July ❤


Yuhoo peepo❤  Today is already August.  So say hi to august and bubye to July.  Hope I can receive more luck on this brand new month❤  ^^  So today post is about what I had done recently.  Have a few outing on last few weeks ago, but I combine all of them and blog about it together.  =)

Firstly, outing with university friends at Sunway on last month.  =)

Picture Moment :

#1.  I knew I gained weight a lot.  >,<

#2. Waiting for my friends to fetch me.

#3.  Taken some photo to promote my varsity jacket.  ^^

#4.  You can find this at @Vintage de Beauty on facebook or just pm me  ^^

#5.  You can find this Baseball jacket as well on the same page.  =)




#9.  OOTD - Pinky Leopard Varsity Jacket from Vintage de Beauty | Burberry Bag bought at Japan | Singlet and Short Pants from MNG | Canvas Shoes from Cotton On

#10.  La Senza is having sales on that day, some promotion is only for VIP (like me =D ).  So spend about 300+ bucks at there again.  ^^  Bought some dresses and accessories at other shop too.

#11.  After shopping session, we decided to took our dinner at Dragon-i.  Very familiar with this restaurant cause I always went there for lunch or dinner with my family.  But normally we went which is located at Cititel or Pavilion.  This is the first time I tried it at Sunway.  =)

#12.  My favourite in Dragon-i

#13.  Yummy 'Tong Sui' 


#15  The popular dish in Dragon-i - 'Siu Lung Bao'


On the other day, hang out with friends again.  All I remember is the purpose we hang out is to watch the Spiderman.  Actually I just wanna watch Andrew Garfield❤  ^^

Picture Moment :

#16.  It's really nice right?  I uploaded the photo on Instagram and some sweeties pm me on fb asking me where do I bought it.  Actually it's a birthday gift from my friends =)

#17.  Seriously Love it muchie.  It's from GUESS btw.  =)


#19.  Having our brunch at Burger King before went to the cinema.  Feel bored about having too much of Mcd.  =D

#20.  My beloved Onion Ring.

#21.  Having our dinner at Sushi King.

#22.  Unagi.  Someone's favourite =P

#23.  The Fried TouFu is nice.

24.  Sakana Black Pepper Fish.

Think this is THE END?  NO~~~~  I'm gonna announce the LUCKY WINNER for Maybelline Hello Kitty Cat Mascara Giveaway❤   If you have no idea what I'm talking about please refers to this previous post (http://shiniharumi.blogspot.com/2012/07/maybelline-hello-kitty-cat-mascara-give.html)  

Frankly, there are many sweetie email me with the sweet and cute answers. But unfortunately I can only choose 1 winner. Now imma announce the lucky winner is ....... Eurace T.Chia Hooi❤  Congratulations my dear. Please remember to email me your name, mobile no and address as well.  =)

For those sweeties which didn't win this, please don't be disappointed. I will provide another giveaway in other post.  So just keep track with my bloggie ya❤  ^^  That's all for today. Love ya Guyz

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