28 July 2012

Philips Salon Curl Ceramic Curling Iron❤


Hola Peepo❤  Today is saturday, any plan tonight?  =)  Well well, my plan about tonight is just go out for dinner with family and then back home to take a rest, cause I'm sick now.  =(  As you can see the post's title, today post is about the hair.  

I'm sure many girls today like to perm their hairs with temporary, which by using the Iron Curl.  So today I'm gonna introduce you the Philips Salon Curl Ceramic Curling Iron❤

Picture Moment :







and GUESS WHAT guyz? I'm having this now and I plan to sell this to y'all❤  It's 20mm and I just use this several times.  If you're interested, you can pm me @ShiNi LoLa II on facebook.  =)

I will giving you the price once I received your pm.  ^^  How is the outcome?  Here are some picture that I used this Iron Curl to curl my hair.  =)





#11. The outcome would be like this on the next day.  =)

Wait for y'all the good news and forgot to inform you all the LG Lollipop have been already SOLD OUT after I blogged about it.  So you guyz no need to pm me to ask about anymore ya.  =)  CIAOZ

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