26 July 2012

Maybelline HELLO KITTY Cat Mascara❤ *Give Away*


Hi guyz❤  I'm sure you guyz will know what I blog for today according to the picture above.  =)  When you first heard about Maybelline, what's come in your mind?  Well, some people might think about eye-shadow,  lip-stick, foundation and etc.  But for me, I'll think about mascara.  I'm sure almost everyone knew that Maybelline is famous with the mascara.  So today I'm gonna introduce the Maybelline HELLO KITTY Cat Mascara  ^^  

P/S : If you're interested, please read until the bottom part, there are some SURPRISE for you=)

#1.  My favourite HELLO KITTY with the mascara.  =)

Since Hello Kitty is there, so of course the Sanio Company is involve.  For those girls with the short length lashes, have you guyz ever think why some girl's lashes are naturally long?  You might think those girl's lashes are born to be long, hmm.... maybe.  But my suggestion is don't stick too much of the fake eyelashes, just apply the mascara on your original or real eyelashes would be sufficient to keep it longer.  =)

But of course, after you apply it, remember to removed the make-up after you back home.  Don't just simply leave it there.  And yet, remember remove it gently.  =)

So here are some picture about the Maybelline HELLO KITTY Cat Mascara❤  :

#2.  OOTD - Necklace bought at Japan / Top from Topshop / Pants (idk what brand)

#3.  My current favourite mascara.  (Cause previous I'm fans of Majorlica Majorca's mascara)











Feel wanna grab one?  Guess what!?  I'm gonna give away one for FREE!  Told you I got some surprise for you~  =P

#14. This is it!  ^^

#15. This might belongs to you SOON!  =)


How to get it for free?  Easy steps.  Just tell me why you deserve to receive one Maybelline Hello Kitty Cat Mascara and email to shini_harumi_kun@hotmail.com   Easy right?  I will announce the winner on the other blog posts.  So please keep track with my bloggie.  ^^

Okie dokie. That's all for today.  Waiting for the lucky winner~  ^^

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