5 August 2012

Photoshoot | Summer Paradise ❤


Herlo Peeps❤  How guyz doing?  Today is sunday, I suppose to going out with my family or with my friends.  But in fact I didn't go back to my hometown and I got 4 mid-term in a row, so I just use my sunday to do revision since yesterday I went out for photoshoot again.  T_______T

So, this post I should blog long time ago.  If you're in my facebook friend's list or you liked my page, then you should had looked at those picture long time ago. =D  Actually it happened on June I think. Went to Sepang - Gold Coast for this photoshoot.  Previously saw the blogger - Chuckei had blog about it but always don't have time to visit that place.  But finally I got the opportunity to visited the place because of this photoshoot.  ^^

Special thanks for the photographer - Chan Wai Wah and the driver of that day - Paileng (she's a new friend)  for purposely drive from KL to Cyber to pick me up and headed to Sepang.  When we reach there, There are total 3 beach, we choose the most less people one because we don't want have those visitor to turn into our background.  =)  Okie dokie, cut the crap. Pictures will explain everything.  =)
















For more photo, please visit my page's album :

☜♥☞ Summer Paradise

Please visit the photographer as well :

That's all for today.  Love y'all  ^^

Any photo-shooting, freelance modelling commercial event, blog advertising please email to : shini_harumi_kun@hotmail.com ♥  =)

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