10 August 2012

Nylon Body Puff❤ *Recommended*


Konichiwa everyone❤  T.G.I.F~  Finally I got time for blogging. ^^  Just finish another paper on this morning.  Still left 2 paper, 6 assignments, 3 presentation and 1 quiz.  >,<  Hopefully my CGPA for this semester won't drop.  Anyway, as you guyz know I always blog about some beauty care products, so today Imma blog about a beauty care product which will make your skin turn smooth and fair.  d(≧▽≦)b

Product's Moment :

#1.  Ta-da! Here is it~ There are many different types of weight. The one that I chosen is 55grams.



#4. The instructions. In case you can't seen it clearly, I better describe in words here. "Dampen body puff and apply soap or shower gel. Massage skin in a circular motion to leave the skin feeling exfoliated and soft"

It actually help you remove those 'dead skin' or what called as '死皮' in chinese.  =)

#5.  The Care and safety advice : "After each use, rinse in clean water and allow to air dry naturally. Do not use on sensitive or broken skin. If irritation occur, discontinue use. "

Overall, I'm a sensitive skin person, but so far don't have any irritation matter happen. =)

#6.  Say hi-hi to the Cutie Puff

#7.  After each use, you can just hang it at your bathroom. In case you can't see the rope, I put a cartoon there.  =D

Detail's Moment :

1.  You can find this at any Watson outlets.

2.  The price of this version is only RM9.90 (so cheap right?  XD )

3.  Please rub it on your skin gently, we don't want to make your harsh.

4.  Need to buy a new one once you use it approximately 3 months.

5.  Keep it clean for each use.

Any inquiry, just pm me @ShiNi LoLa II on facebook, I will try my best to get back to you.  =)

Hope you enjoy the post and hopefully It can help you.  Love ya❤  ^^

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