15 August 2012

High Tea is my Daily Routine❤


Hola a todos~ =)  Sorry for being inactive on blogging this few days cause I'm having many midterm paper and assignments need to rush. I will try to blog one I'm free kay?  ^^  So now, what is your daily routine?  I guess every each of us might have common or different daily routine.  So one of my daily routine would be High Tea~  Anyone same as me?  =)  I take my high tea everyday. When I was at home, normally I will choose the English Tea or the Green tea which brought by Daddy at Japan and China as well.  At outside, normally I will choose the Cafe that I normally visit.

Well well, guess some of the reader knew my family and I is the pavilion 'kaki', means we always go for pavilion, so normally our favourite high tea place would be DOME~  

Picture Moment :

#1.  Ta-da

#2.  Tea set


#4.  Normally I will choose English Tea or Mocha at there.  So they're consider my favourite drink at DOME.  =)

#5.  Some snack that we normally order.

#6.  My favourite - Garlic Bread~  ^^V

Normally we will choose Blueberry Cheese as our dessert but sometime we think it might make us all become fatty, so at certain time we feel don't want have it. =)  But you guyz can choose other foods and beverages that you guyz want. 

When we always went to the DOME which located at Pavilion's outlet, we feel the waiter and waitress are so friendly, until 2 weeks ago.... One of the waiter keep staring and smile at me from the beginning until the end. When we wanna add on something, he is first one to come here and help us take order and even when daddy paid the bill he didn't look at my father, he looked at me. (O.o?)  LOL~  Maybe he's too friendly?  =)

Sometime when I was at home at night, I will go drive-thru to visit the Starbucks which located nearby my house.  =)


For my opinion, I think high tea is a must for me for daily because first it help me to digest and second it can help me to reduce stress. After this semester would be my Final Year, FYP-1, Industrial Training and FYP-2 is following me all the way. So I guess I need more start from next sem.  >,<

Okie dokie. That's all for today~  Gonna study for the upcoming mid-term paper - Data Analysis and Data Mining for Business Application.  Tata~  ^^

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