Korean Eyeliner Tape❤

20 August 2012


皆さん、こんにちは❤   Hi guyz~  Wanna have a pair of Natural Big Eyeslike Korean Girls does ?  This post might help make it works!  I guess sometime we(girls) might feel lazy to apply any make-up, cause after we apply the make-up, we need to remove the make-up as well.  Or even sometime, you are rushing to somewhere, so you might lack of time to prepare your make-up.  

Now, you no need to apply any make-up in order to make your eyes looks bigger.  Cause we're having Korean Eyeliner Tape now!  It's kinda looks like the double eyelid tape that normally girls like to stick on their eyelid.  But the difference would be this kinds is not transparent type and it's thicker.  =)

Show Time Moment :

#1.  Sorry that the following pictures might make you SHOCK! Cause I'm applying ZERO make-up except for the contact lens and the red hot lipstick.   O(≧▽≦♥)O

#2.  Ta-da!  Here is it!  1 piece consist of 12 pairs of the eyeliner tape❤  ^^

#3.  Check it out!  I can apply the eyeliner tape too!  At first, I thought it's just for the single eyelid sweeties but after I tried it, I feel so nyappy and fun cause I'm can stick it even I'm a double eyelid person.  ^^

#4.  For single eyelid person, it would be more advantages for you guyz cause it can make your eyes turn double eyelid and no need to purposely apply the make-up.  =)

#5.  See see!  Even when I closed my eyes, the tape is not obvious.  ^^

Feel it's fun and wanna grab it for your own?  Guess what guyz!?  I'm currently selling it by my own! It's READY STOCK for sure and if you're interested and wanna place your order just pm me ( @ShiNi LoLa II ) on facebook.  ^^

Remember this can be apply on no matter single eyelid or even double eyelid person (like me) ^^  Okie dokie, gonna off to have precious moment with my family now. Tata   

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