❤ 311011 *LAST DAY OF OCT*

31 October 2011


time run so fast! now is already the end of the Oct 2011~
today post is just a SHORTY post, cause later on imma do my Database tutorials~
since now is already on Week 3, gonna start focus on my assignments~  >,<
so today post's actually a DELAY post ~
it's happened on last few weeks~
that day hang out with boyfie at Alamanda ~




#Make-up for that day - SIMPLE

when we reach Alamanda, we went to cinema to check our movie ticket~
at the same time, BAD LUCK THINGY HAPPENED !
one of my Carlo Rino's wedges is CRACKED !!
so i quickly went to Sembonia to grab a pair of 'Newie' wedges~ 
okie dokie~ picha time

#Watched Real Steel for the 2nd time, accompany boyfie watched
#Mua Black&Gold 'Crack' nails
#Mua Newie wedges
#Our brunch
#While otw, i keep telling boyfie i wanna drink Ribena, so he purposely change it ^^
#Look familiar? this version of bottle is exactly SAME as my previous one,
I'd LOST it at campus & feel sad 'bout it. So boyfie grab the SAME one for me
to cure my pain  XD
#I'm taking swimming class on this sem, but the stupid guard is not allow
me to wear my Topshop's bikini to enter the swimming pool !
so i force to buy 1 on parkson~ ISH~~~~  >,<
#Grab some mask on Watson.
Boyfie keep asking me why i always went to Watson in every single outing,
LOL~ because there really got lotsa thingy to buy~  XD

okay, that's all for today~
gonna off to complete my tutorials~  

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