19 April 2017


Last weekend, I received a box of apparels from Zarrel. For your info, Zarrel is a fashion company powered with a transformative business model. Instead of the traditional fashion retail line, they challenge the conventional methods of the fashion world and rewrite new rules. They work to bring people access to remarkable fast-fashion experiences - while changing the meaning of ownership. Revolutionising retail in the process. In fact, Zarrel is the first infinite fashion closet in Malaysia!

What's an "infinite fashion closet"? Briefly, subscribers who subscribe Zarrel can choose any apparels offered on their platform into their virtual closet. Then, Zarrel send the apparels to subscribers. In which they can and should try it out to experience the fashion. Once they are done with the items, they send it back to Zarrel and Zarrel will send them new fashion again.

So, why are they doing this? Zarrel want to empower ladies to explore all sorts of fashion! Connecting them to brands, designs and vendors they are familiar with or have not heard before. In short, they can explore more clothing that they might haven't experience yet.

This is my first Zarrel box and I can't wait to see how's the clothing that I received. It's truly an amazing idea that we can try different kinds of clothing in one box and with different box, you can different types of clothing again.

You must be wondering how is it work in detail. No worries, please find following for your info :

1) Browse the website 
Browse the whole offering available through their collaborating boutique fashion retailers. They collaborating with brands such as Pinkals, Ve Classic, Whitesoot etc.

2) Choose your favourite outfits
Select up to 9 favourites. They will speed deliver 3 in a box to your doorstep. (Trust me, their speed delivery is very fast!)

3) Try it out 
Love your new outfits from Zarrel? Guess what, you can keep them as long as you want! Yes, you didn't hear me wrong. You can wear them for casual outing with your friends or even attend wedding dinner (if you choose the elegant types of dress).

4) Return them
Whenever you're ready, return the items with the pre-pay bag that Zarrel provided in the parcel and they'll ship your next 3 outfits to you again.

See! Just with these simple steps and you can try different kinds of clothing you want in one time. Totally worth it.

Helena Denim Dress
( Helena Denim Dress )
The first outfit that I had received from them is Helena Denim Dress. It has Light Blue and Dark Blue colour for selection. The colour that I'm demonstrating here is dark blue colour. Love this dress a lot because it is totally the same with what I saw from their website!

Helena Denim Dress
For the side ribbon, you can either tied as a bow on side.

Helena Denim Dress
Or, you can tied it on the center for another look. As you wish.

Ballard Shirt Dress
( Ballard Shirt Dress )
Another outfit that I've choose is Ballard Shirt Dress. I always like Maroon Red colour but never try it with shirt design, mostly in dress. Surprisingly it turns out great!

Ballard Shirt Dress
Ballard Shirt Dress
I like how the colour turns out with this design and not to mention the unique design make me look even slimmer. Can't believe a simple shirt can turns out like this with small ribbon twist.

( Vereth Silver )
The last but not least is the Vereth Silver dress. If you're looking for simple yet elegant dress for dinner, then you might like this. The beautiful lace element on top and sexy design with silk material just blow me away. So lovely.

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to return apparels to Zarrel, you can find this "How to Return" paper in your parcel. Just follow the instructions state on the paper and you will know what to do.

You can find the pre-pay bag that Zarrel provided in the parcel. Just remember to put the Return Label paper on the front because it include Zarrel mailing address and other details.

I personally think it is a good idea to come out concept like this. Subscribers can try different kind of clothing with affordable price. And, after you wear them out, you can return back to Zarrel to do the cleaning, so that your wardrobe won't be explode. Lol.

You can have anything you want so long as you dress for it
  • You can get 1, 2, 3 or even unlimited boxes within a month
  • Get boutique-like fashion apparels which worth up to RM200 per piece
  • Free shipping and cleaning included
  • One flat fee only
  • Monthly billing and you can cancel anytime
  • Selections from trendy boutiques

Get RM15,000 in fashion clothing per year with only one monthly price. 
RM168 / Month (Early Bird)
For more info, kindly visit their official website www.zarrel.com.my  

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