13 April 2016


Photo Credit | Studio Numb9r @ www.bridestory.com

Hola  Remember last time I blogged about Bridestory? CLICK HERE if you missed it. Today I'm talking about #Photography. We all knew photography is essential for our wedding because one photo can tell thousand stories. We all will get old and photos can keep the good memories for us.

As I mentioned before, Bridestory helps to connect wedding professionals and vendors with engaged couples around the world. Do you really think it's an easy job to find a good photographer to know all your good angle and take nice photos? I don't think so. Unless, you can refers to his portfolio.

Photo Credit | Studio Numb9r @ www.bridestory.com
Photo Credit | Studio Numb9r @ www.bridestory.com
I search for photograhpy categories on Bridestory and I discovers two of my favourite studio! Since I'm based in KL so of course two of the studios are located in KL. One of them is Studio Numb9r. I love their works because all of the photos looks lovely with breathe-taking landscape as background. Of course, I'm pretty sure it is depends on your wedding shooting place but I guess with a good photographer and excellent photoshooting skills, you will able to received many satisfied photo with ease.

By seeing their photos makes me looks happy and excited. You can suddenly think the dress are so beautiful, the couples looks so sweet and the weather looks nice too! I can't wait to see my future wedding photo even I'm not planning to get married yet. 

Photo Credit | Wefreeze Photography @ www.bridestory.com
Photo Credit | Wefreeze Photography @ www.bridestory.com
Another of my favourite studio would be Wefreeze Photography. Compare to another studio, this giving me a different thoughts and feelings. I checked out their photos and find out their photos makes me feel comfortable and peace. Sometime wedding photos doesn't means you must take all of the photos with couple's faces, you can use different angle to capture the moment.

Their photos indeed looks so relax and peace. I guess it's perfect to become our mobile phone home screen cover or even Facebook cover photo, it would be perfect! It is fun to explore different categories on Bridestory.com. Feel free to check them out. Till here. Loves


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