23 March 2016


Hola  I know I'm not married yet. But who knows, maybe soon? LOL~ I'm looking forward for my future wedding. However, I was wondering if I really get married anytime soon. I think I should plan well on everything about my wedding which include dress and attire, photography, venue, catering, theme & decoration and so many things. Well, how do I manage to do research of all these issue? Until I found Bridestory

Established in April 2014, Bridestory is known as a leading online wedding marketplace which has a strong social media presence among Indonesian and international audiences. Bridestory is an inspiring and resourceful online global wedding directory and marketplace that helps to connect wedding professionals and vendors with engaged couples around the world. 

Among all of the issue, the one that I will focus the most would be Dress and Attire. I search for vendors of dress and attire and I found two of my favourites : The Proposal and Christy Ng.

I never heard about The Proposal before until I found it on the list at Bridestory. Their dresses are amazingly beautiful. You can imagine you will look insanely gorgeous and elegant by looking as following photos.

Photo credit - The Proposal
Photo credit - The Proposal

These dresses look so beautiful right? How I wish I can have my wedding dress like this during my wedding. I guess I will look super gorgeous by wearing them. LOL

Another favourite would be Christy Ng. If you're my reader then you should know I blogged about Christy Ng shoes before. CLICK HERE if you missed it. I always love their shoes design because they always come out something elegant and lovely.

Photo credit - Christy Ng

Photo credit - Christy Ng

I always love Christy Ng shoes collection because their design is simple but classy. As all I always mentioned, simple is more. That's why I love to wear my shoes from Christy Ng during events or wedding dinner.

Overall I think Bridestory is a good online wedding platform because basically I can search most of the wedding related vendors here. I will continue to explore more of their website so remember to STAY TUNED. Loves


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