17 November 2015


Annyeonghaseyo  Yup, I'm still in Seoul, Korea now and I can't wait to go back to Malaysia this weekend! Aghhhhhh~ 3 weeks in Korea but I'm already missed the Malaysian food so bad! Maybe I guess Korean food really not my favourite because everytime I been to other countries such Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong or Australia, I never missed the Malaysian food so much. LOL~

Back to the topic, if you're my loyal reader then you might noticed I already change my hair salon. It doesn't means the previous salon is not good, just I think Jeff Lee The Hair Company location is super convenient for me and that area got a lot of restaurant selection.

I visited Jeff Lee THC for couple of times and everytime they transform my messy and damaged hair into something lovable. Everytime I back home from there I can feel my hair become healthier and silky smooth.  =)

The first time I visited, I was plan to change my hair colour and I did! My hairstylist Andy asked me what colour that I prefer and I told him I want something unique but don't want to show off. Thus, he had chosen this Dark Green colour for me. It might look a bit dark without the lighting on my hair but I like it whenever there's some lighting, you can notice my hair colour is actually green. I was worried during the process because I'm afraid the colour might not suitable for me or the colour might makes me looks like I'm a nasty girl etc. At the end, I guess I just worry too much. This colour was fantastic! 

I went to Johor on the next day I dye my hair and some friends said the colour is nice! On first sight they thought was black colour but after a few moment they knew it was actually dark green. I love this colour a lot!

The second visit was to do Shiseido 5 Steps Treatment. You might found long hair might be sexy and gorgeous looking but we all knew at the same time, it's very hard to maintain the long hair. My hair easily to became dry, so hair treatment is a MUST for at least once per month. I tried their Shiseido 5 Steps Treatment and it makes my hair turns into silky smooth and healthier! Can't believe it's really working!

They have several types of hair treatments if you're interested :
Shiseido Basic Treatment | RM90 per session
Shiseido 3 Steps Treatment | RM140 per session
Shiseido 5 Steps Treatment | RM180 per session
** BUY 3 FREE 1 **

Before I visit Korea, of course I need to change my hair colour! This time I just told Andy I want dark violet colour and he done a fabulous job again. Same as the previous colour, this dark violet colour doesn't really show at night, it only looks obvious during day time with sunlight or without bright lighting. I also told Andy to cut them shorter because I need get rid of those dry hair tail so you might notice it looks shorter. But overall I love it! 

If you're interested to pay for a visit, don't forget to quote my name to get EXTRA 10% discount.

 [ JeffLee The Hair Company ] 
101G, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

 +603 9056 2611

Opening Hour
Daily | 11:00am - 9:00pm


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