4 October 2015


Bonjour  I'm super duper happy about the result of previous Ipoh day Trip post! Why? Simply because there are total more than 100 people shares my blog post on their Facebook timeline! Oh ya, did I mentioned that particular post also managed to get into my Top 10 most popular post as well? You guys ROCK and thanks for the support. I will try my best to blog more frequent.  =)

Back to the topic. I believe most of you have heard of Makeupalley or Birchbox especially when it comes to beauty product reviews. Today I am going to recommend a website to everyone of you - MuffinBeauty, a beauty review social platform for Asians! MuffinBeauty is the first beauty review community targeting Asian women. People are increasingly looking up online reviews at TripAdvisor or any other similar websites before deciding on which hotel to stay. And MuffinBeauty is like a beauty version of TripAdvisor in Asia. A platform where everyone shares information and makes neutral reviews about beauty products.

There is a Muffin Beauty Club set up especially for beauty enthusiasts and bloggers who share reviews in their own social media sites actively. With only minimum 10 reviews written in MuffinBeauty, you already have a ticket to join this club and a member can access the redemption page in order to receive products for making reviews. I am invited to join MBC by Muffin team and there it goes my first beauty box! you may check out their official website for more information.  =)

So this is my first beauty box from MuffinBeauty! The beauty box included Nude Sensation | Sweet Kiss Gloss | Lash Machine.

[ Nude Sensation ]


The revolutionary formula of Bourjois' Nude Sensation foundation smooths fine lines and refines pores to create a perfectly even complexion. The light-weight texture creates a beautiful bare skin sensation.

The incredibly light texture of the nude sensation foundation offers unequaled pleasure and ease of use. The silky-soft product melts instantly into the skin, leaving it soft, supple and perfectly moisturised.

The complexion is transparently evened out in one single action. Wrinkles, fine lines and uneven patches are instantly smoothed, and the surface of the skin refined. The complexion is completely natural with no clear edges or excess product.

A range of shades from fair to golden.

- Shades Available -
❀ 41 Nude Clair
❀ 42 Nude Rose
❀ 43 Nude Dore
❀ 44 Nude Ensoleille

Comment : 
Unfortunately they sent me the wrong shades which is 44 Nude Ensoleille. I'm a fair skin person so I only tested it on my hand instead of my face. =(  The texture was slightly dry and thicker. However, it provides good coverage because I can see my hands suddenly looks smooth after applied. I guess if they send me the correct shade maybe I can take it as daily use. 

Rating :

[ Lash Machine ]

Let me introduce you the ultimate partner of all mascara - Lash Machine. The perfect lash booster for lashes that are too short,too thin or not full enough. It pulls lashes into shape at the sweep of the brush, with its boosting formula.

With lash machine, your lashes will thicken as if by magic and lengthen by 15%! The best thing is for person who often wear contact lenses like me, lash machine is suitable for sensitive eyes and / or contact lens wearers. It comes off easily when you remove your makeup including your eye make-up and lasts for 24 hours.

How does it work?
**Apply lash machine between two coats of mascara**

1) Apply your traditional mascara as usual.
2) Apply lash machine immediately after, exactly like a mascara. It's easy as the little white fibres are clearly visible and easy to spread.
3) Apply a second coat of traditional mascara; Enjoy much longer and thicker lashes for 24 hours without clumps.

Check out the result. With 16 hours hold, you can flaunt your curves all night long!

Comment : 
I fall in love with this! You guys knew how much do I take care of my lashes because previously my lashes are really short and I tried many different methods just to make it longer. This lash machine done a fabulous job because after I applied it my lashes able to turns even longer! The best thing is it can apply with any mascara. Thus, whenever you changed the brand of mascara, no worries because you know lash machine always got your back.

Rating :

[ Sweet Kiss Gloss ]

Sweet Kiss Gloss has a prodigious vegetable oil-enriched serum formula that doesn't feel sticky on the skin. It slides on smoothly and melts onto the lips divinely, as if your lips were bare.

Thanks to the use of a thin green oil, famous for its nourishing properties. This oil helps to give the lips elegant shine without excess. Crystalline brilliance that combines long wear, comfort and pure translucent colours.

A range of 6 shades, pure and crystalline, made of translucent colours without mother of pearls nor flakes, for a subtle and elegant shine. To boost your lips'natural radiance and freshness, each shade has a touch of pink for a highly desirable smile.

- Shades Available -
❀ 01 Sandsation
❀ 02 Rose Qui Puet
❀ 03 As De Pink
❀ 04 Incognirose
❀ 05 Orange Pressee
❀ 06 Carton Rouge

Comment : 
You can see from the photo above, my lips are from dry turns into juicy. Love it! I got lots of bold colour lipstick and I guess it's time to collect those light colour lip-gloss like this. I can apply it with any outfits, from casual, dating or even for the events. By the way, the colour that I applied was 02 Rose Qui Puet.

Rating :

In conclusion, my favourite item was the Sweet Kiss Gloss! Love it to the max because I can apply it anytime, anywhere. Luckily this time they had chosen the shade that I want. I realize sometime guy will prefer something simple and light instead of heavy makeup. Thus, I guess I can apply this whenever I go dating? LOL~ Hopefully boyfie will love it. See ya soon girls~

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