27 April 2015

[REVIEW + GIVEAWAY] Tsubaki - Shine From Every Angle

Konnichiwa Today I'm gonna talk about my recent favourite hair care collection. Yes, the brand would be - TSUBAKI. TSUBAKI is a "premium hair care" brand centers on making hair beautiful and shiny. My hair was so dry and damage after bleaching and it's been 2 years since I started to use this brand. How I feel towards their hair shampoo, conditioner and hair mask? Continue reading to know more. =)

Ta-da! This is what I received from them. =

Why named as TSUBAKI? It means Camellia Flower in Japanese. TSUBAKI is the only brand that has Camelia Oil as its ingredient and there is ONLY 2 countries that has this oil - China and Japan, where Japan has been providing the finest Camelia for 140 years. Japanese Camellia oil has been responsible for the classic, legendary beauty of Japanese hair for centuries in Japan.

You must be wondering, how TSUBAKI manage to keep our hair looks  "Shine From Every Angle"? Well, it is because TSUBAKI hair care range able to makes your hair shine for all day long! It consists of Melanin Reparative Ingredients - Ariginine for the internal shininess. Arginine is to repair melanin hole to allow light to be reflected evenly. Meanwhile, another main ingredients - Camellia Oil with Shine sensor mechanism protects and coats hair to dramatically improve hair shininess and smoothness, which will eventually caused external shininess. 

Do you know that our hair will loss of shininess from day-by-day? SHISEIDO was the first to discover the hair melanin is lost daily due to UV and other factors. The loss of melanin created a holes that causes irregular reflection and loss of shine on hair. Which is why TSUBAKI included Arginine as one of their ingredient because it repairs melanin hole to allow light o penetrate hair soft and to be reflected evenly, resulting in a lustrous, glorious hair. 

Why? Let me ask you a question, do you wish your hair was shining and volumes or you want a dull and dry hair? I'm pretty sure you will choose the first one right? Shining hair will makes you looking gorgeous and attractive while dull hair will makes your hair looks no energy. Besides of the beauty part, we also need our hair to be healthy. TSUBAKI ingredients doesn't only makes your hair shiny, it also level up your healthy hair condition. 

TSUBAKI's mission is to bring out the beauty in every women inside out. Therefore, they have several product range for different hair condition customers :

✿ SHINING - Normal & Dull Hair
✿ DAMAGE CARE - Dry & Damage Hair
 HEAD SPA - Scalp Care (for all hair type)

So let's tried & tested on them shall we?

- Shampoo -
When I pour the shampoo on my palm, the fragrance directly flow into my nose! LOL
The texture was slightly thicker than the ordinary shampoo but I'm not surprise as I mentioned earlier I've been using their shampoo since 2 years ago. =)

- Conditioner -
Of course, after apply the shampoo and rinse off, you need to apply conditioner. Conditioner is a MUST! You need to massage your hair while applying the conditioner. It will smooth your hair a lot.

- Hair Mask -
Last but not least, the treatment mask is essential as well. Just like the facial mask, we need it maximize the function of the products. This hair mask was cream type and it will makes your hair even more shine and moisture.

As you guys can see from the photo shown, my hair become more moisture and shinning after using it for 1 week. Feel so happy because I love shinning hair, who doesn't right?  =)

✿ TSUBAKI Shining Shampoo 
550ml - RM38.90 
 220ml - RM18.90

✿ TSUBAKI Shining Conditioner 
550ml - RM38.90
220ml - RM18.90

✿ TSUBAKI Shining Hair Mask

TSUBAKI provides healthy cuticles, great volume, deep moisture and lustrous shine. Overall I feel satisfied because it deliver good result to me. My hair now become healthier and silky smooth. My hair was dull previously and now shine bright like a diamond! LOL~ Of course not to mentioned their fragrances just nice to me because I prefer light sweet fragrance.

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