22 August 2014 Bangkok, Thailand

[SHINI IN THAILAND] : Day 1 @ Bangkok

Sawadeeka  Finally I blogged about my 6D5N Thailand Trip!! I knew many sweeties have been waiting this for so long, sorry for the delay ya. (Too many photo need to arrange) So last month, I was received a special message for the PR saying that I have been invited to join a sponsored trip to Thailand. I was so surprise and excited at the same time because this is consider my very first time of sponsored trip. So of course I said YES! Well well, I won't be selfish person. I actually ask him whether they allow me to bring 1 more friend to go and he said can. Yippee~ So I decided to bring Cindy along too. I actually make many new friends during this trip and all are them are so friendly!! We still keep in touch even we back to Malaysia. I really had a lot of fun and blast with them during this trip.  =D Thanks for brought us together!

In case you don't know, I'm a Ipoh mali. Basically I went to Hatyai @ Thailand for like 5th times because Ipohian only need a border pass instead of passport when we go to Hatyai. However, for Bangkok, I only manage to visit twice only. Therefore, this is my 3rd time to pay a visit. Frankly, most of the places I went for this trip was I never visit before. So, remember to stay tuned at every single post of them ya. =)

Early in the morning, Cindy and me was chilling at McDonald @ KLIA while waiting for others.

Do you like my latest hair colour? Hair done by Frank Salon

Met JQ here. Glad she going along with us too because she help me take a lot of nice photos.

Thai Airways was our pleasant flight from KL all the way to Bangkok. This is my first time to take Thai Airways and I feel satisfied because their foods was good, services was friendly and safe flight. LOL~  My family and friends was kinda worry about my safety during that moment because #MH17 tragedy just happened few days before I went to Bangkok.

Awww~  Did you spot the snowflake? When I uploaded this photo on Facebook, some sweeties asking when there's some snowflake even I fly to Thailand. I guess before that they fly to snowing country, that's why some snowflake stuck at the window. =)  Seriously, I miss the snowflake when I was travel to
Hokkaido. Japan is the BEST!

When we reach the Thai Airport, I quickly ask our tour guide where to buy our sim card because I need to contact my mum just to inform I'm safe and I need to online. (Can't live without Internet!) So there are 2 telco store which are Happy and Dtac. Actually their price are similar but because Happy got quite many queuing, so eventually we choose Dtac. I personally choose the cheapest package - 299 THB (RM29.9+) which it's provided 1.5gb unlimited internet for 7 days. Their package was really affordable compare to other country.

Spot our happy face after got the Internet here! [ Photo credit to Steven Goh ]

Heading to our first hotel in Bangkok and this building was just next to our hotel.

Yup, Our hotel was Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel Bangkok. A little tips here, if you at other place and you want to back hotel through cab, remember mentioned 'Fortune Hotel' instead of Grand Mercure because they recognize the fortune word.  


My room. For more details, please check out the video at the end of the post.

General Information of Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel Bangkok :

 ✿ Address : 1 Rachadaphisek Road - Fortune Town – Dindaeng, 10400 Bangkok, Thailand.
 ✿ Price : Approximately 1950 THB (RM192+) per night subject to changes based on season
 ✿ Tel : (+66)2/6411500 | Fax : (+66)2/6411510 
 ✿ Official Website : Grand Mercure Fortune Bangkok Website 
 ✿ How to go : From airport take Motorway No.7 towards west to Bangkok City and exit at Rama 9. Approximately 1.5km take a right at Asoke-Ratchada intersection and turn into hotel. By bus take  shuttle to Airport Bus Terminal. Get on Bus 551 for Victory Monument and off just after MCOT  intersection. Hotel is 100 m ahead in the right from the junction. 

One of my favourite things in Thailand would be I can spot colourful cab here. Capture this pink one because it was my favourite colour.

YES! I will be going for this Thailand Happiness Street Festival, remember to stay tuned at my Day 5 post because I had a blast on that night.

7 Eleven at any country have variety things to sell, except for Malaysia. T______T

Our next station would be Asiatique The Riverfront.

The place was huge! In case you may lost, just remember which street number you are. =)

Spot the attention on that shirt, it cost only 200 THB(RM20+)

Wow~  The Fujifilm Instant Camera was really pretty. They even provide variety choice of sticker for you.

Can you guys guess what is this shop selling? Nope, they are not selling pork here. They actually selling mixed rice (杂饭)  So cute right?

Their clutch was so pretty and snazzy. Wish to buy 1 but they actually cost 1000 THB - 2000 THB (RM100+ - RM200+) Not really worth for my opinion because it's non branded anyway.

Strongly recommend this shop to you guys!! The designer was young and friendly! They selling all white colour collar shirt here. Their quality is nice and they only cost 200 THB (RM20) YES! All of them are the same price and free size. I bought 2 from them.

You can search those normal Malaysian style clothes here and their scarf only cost 100 THB(RM10)

Delicious ice-cream

If you plan to search for floral stuff, you can just visit this shop! Their floral sunglasses cost about 100 - 140 THB(RM10-RM14) and their floral hair band and crown was so lovely.

How can you not try macaroon! You must try their Thai Tea flavour macaroon because you can't find this flavour at other places.

This should actually looks like the one that I normally spot at Japan. They sell variety products such as clothes, accessories, bag etc.

Yes. We took our dinner here.  =)

General Information of Asiatique Bangkok :

 Address : Asiatique The Riverfront, 2194, Charoenkrung 72-74 Rd. Rd., Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120 Thailand.
 ✿ Price : FREE entrance 
 ✿ Operating Hour : Monday- Sunday 16:00 to 00:00
  Official Website : http://www.thaiasiatique.com/index.php/th
  How to go : Most economical way is by taking the BTS to Saphan Thaksin Station and take the free shuttle boat service at Sathorn Pier. For other routing option please refer to HERE   

Their signature drink here was Coconut Milk Smoothie. I didn't try it because I don't drink milk, but I heard Cindy said she actually can't taste the milk. Overall she think it's nice. I personally order a Citrus Smoothie and it taste nice too.

Our dinner of that night!

       General Information of Ko Dang Talay :       

 ✿ Address : Boardwalk, Warehouse 7. 
 ✿ Tel : +66 (0)2 1084498
 ✿ Operating Hour : Monday- Sunday (16:00 - 00:00)
 ✿ Official Website : http://www.thaiasiatique.com/index.php/th
 ✿ Food Type : Seafood or homely foods cooked in Tradition Thai style

After dinner, we heading to watch Muay Thai Show. Frankly, this was my first time for watching this. Normally I went to Thailand just to watch the 'Ah Gua (Ladyboy)' Show.

It was really nice because they actually have many different storyline, some of scene are hilarious some of scene are serious case. They also explain to you details about their move, techniques and history etc. The duration of the show was like 1 hours+. Definitely worth to watch.

Of course I won't miss the chance to take picture with them. My favourite Muay Thai guy was actually willing to take picture with me. HAPPY! I guess he was the most handsome guy among them. LOL

General Information of Muay Thai Show :

 ✿ Address : Asiatique The Riverfront, 2194, Charoenkrung 72-74 Rd. Rd., Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120 Thailand.
 ✿ Price : from 1019 THB (RM100+) and up
 ✿ Showtime : 8pm daily

After finished the show, me, Cindy and JQ decided to take a walk. We actually plan to go night market but we forgot they didn't open because it was Monday. >,<

So we bought some wine at 7-Eleven and chilling outside. It taste like Ribena mixed with some wine taste. It's nice and worth to try! If I'm not mistaken, it cost 490 THB(RM4.90)

After back to hotel, I made myself bubble bath.
First day was exhausted. So I go to bed early.
2 sets of bikini // 1 singlet // 1 casual dress // 2 white collar shirt

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Journey for My Thailand Trip 2014 : 

Disclaimer : This trip is a part of Thailand’s Best Friend Forever Trip sponsored by TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand), Thai Airways & Leisure Travel Magazine.  If you're interested on any tourism place above, kindy visit  http://leisuretravel.com.my for more info or purchase the packages.


  1. oh i forget u buy bikini!!!heheh nice colour!!

    1. haha~ because we all walk individually. Thanks babe <3

  2. no bring me along T_T haha kidding. Seeing your post make me miss Bangkok so much omg <3

    1. Hi sor po! haha~ next time go again lah =)

  3. aww pink cab is so cute like a muffin! The instafilm cameras also look very cute. It looks like a very nice trip, wish I could visit soon too. Thanks for the post Shini! :D

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    1. Yup, I had lots of fun during the entire trip. =) Remember visit these places when you visiting Thailand ya =)

  4. how much is the bikini, babe?? :)

    1. The bikini not cheap, cost like 400 THB (RM40) for each =(

  5. Hihihihi Shini! Wah, seems like you had an awesome time in the room with the girls :) Nice post!

    1. Hi David! Long time no see. Yup, we had an awesome time. Thanks for dropping by =)


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