4 June 2013

[REVIEW] What products do I use for #Hair Mask❤

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Hola sweeties❤  Actually wanna blog bout another cosmetic products but since recently some readers email me to ask about what products do I use for hair mask, so I decided to blog about it today.  =)  Well well, hair mask is critical for me since my hair length is so long and I always dye my hair. I need to apply hair mask at least once in a week to prevent my hair easily get dry and strengthen it.

#Products that I use for Hair Mask :

#1.  Normally I won't stick to one brand when it comes to beauty care / hair care because I think different brand having their different strength. So I mix & use this 3 brands.

#2.  This is the one that I used for a long time - #Redken All Soft Heavy Cream.


❤ Comment :
    I personally think it's great. You can just apply with small volume but the outcome is still turn out nice. But for those people who having dandruff try not to use this because it's quite strong for you guys. 

❤ Price :
   Totally forgotten about the price, cause I always bought this from my hairstylist. If I'm not mistaken would be the most expensive compare to the following products.

#3.  The next one would be - #L'Oreal Elseve (Elvive) Nutri-Gloss Intensive Shine Mask.


❤ Comment :
    This is great for use too. But compare to the first one, you need to apply more volume for this.The smell is better than the first one too. ;)

❤ Price : 
  Below RM20.

#4.  The last but not least would be - #Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Split End Treatment Mask. 




❤ Comment :
   This is my big love recently. Juicy cream make my hairs so smooth. I'm in love with the strawberry smell   and the best is the price is affordable and reasonable.

❤ Price :

#7.  Trust me. Your boyfie will be so happy to meet you with the smooth hairs cause it works for me❤  ^_^V

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