2 January 2013

My Burger Lab♡ (Yummy Food Post)

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Happy 2013 ya guyz♥  Hope this year would be an AWESOME year for me, so 2013 please treat me well♥   (>^ω^<)  So how was your x'mas and new year eve celebration guyz?  Mine one is just simple and niceMaybe clubbing sessions is way too bored for me, so the x'mas and new year eve celebration for 2012 I just pass it with simple but warm celebration. =)

So hey guyz, do you guyz like burger?  I guess you guyz knew what I will blog according to my blog title. YES!!  It's about foods and it's about BURGER♥  I admit I love burger, they're many variety of burgers and my favourite ingredient would be like cheese, onion, mushroom, fish and etc.

So last month, when I'm craving for 'tong shui' and burger, my friend @FookChing brought me to the @myBurgerLab  I guess some of you might heard of this shop right?  Their burger is delicious and nice.      You can check out their rating HERE.  Morever, all the workers in the shop are students from different academic background. You can find them all are friendly.  =)

My Bruger Lab's Moment :

#1. #ootd - Grey sweater from @MNG, Long singlet and short pants from @Thailand

#2.  My NakedFace.  Recently feel lazy to apply make-up.  =P

#3.  Ta-da!  Here is it~

#4.  @FookChing's huge Nikon and my lil Canon.  =D

#5.  The environment~


#7.  The beverages are self-service.  =)

#8.  The place is so crowd. Luckily we just wait for 5 minutes then manage to get the seat. 

#9.  0210!  It's our turn to eat yum yum! ^^

#10.  Yippee~  My meal is here!!


#12.  My meal - simply choose this cause I like onion, mushroom and cheese♥  =)

#13.  @FookChing's meal


Little Tips for Visiting
- Since the shop is quite small and the foods is delicious, it make the shop always crowd. So if you're impatience person, I suggest you visit other places. 

Information about myBurgerLab :
Address : No. 14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
For more information, do check out their facebook page 

After we finish the burger, we thought wanna go @SS17 to have our tong shui. But unfortunately the auntie didn't open the stall.  Sobz sobz~  ='(  I'm like craving the tong shui about 2 weeks++!!  When we about to leave, guess who we saw, @Jeanna Ho from the movie 喜愛夜蒲.  Well well, some of you might don't know who she is, she's actually a Hong Kong female artist, I guess if you watched the movie you will know who she is. Can't believe can meet her in this kind of place.  =)

#15.  Here she is~  Familiar?  =)

Since the tong shui stall didn't open, so we headed to @SS2 - 记得食 for the tong shui session.


#17.  Yummy yummy  ^^

Okie dokie. Gonna off to go study #Economic Analysis of Electronic Commerce for midterm on this friday. This few weeks would be very busy again cause friend's wedding, all assignment's dateline is up, spanish presentation and final is coming soon!  So adios guyz♥  ^^

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