Things to do in Canakkale, Turkey

Here comes the last post of the Shini In Turkey journey. Couldn't believe it took me a lot of time to edit and blog about this trip. Thanks for bearing with me for such a long time for the itineraries. Sorry for keeping you guys waiting. Today's post is about our half-day trip to Canakkale, Turkey. Enjoy reading.

About Canakkale

Canakkale is a city in northwestern Turkey in the Marmara region, on the Dardanelles Strait. It's a gateway to the Gallipoli WWI battlefields, north of the narrow strait. On the grounds of the 15th-century Cimenlik Castle, Canakkale Naval Museum Command contains historical artillery. The archaeological site at Troy, including an ancient theatre, is southwest of the city.


Troy is an ancient city located in Canakkale city of Turkey. It was established in 3000 BC. The city is located in Hisarlik province near Canakkale Strait. This strategic location made Troy attractive throughout history. Because of this popularity Troy's people communicated with many other civilizations. After the capture of Konstantinopolis (Istanbul) at AC 330 Troy started to lose its popularity. In 1998 Troy was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

I actually watched the movie - Troy and Alexander to understand the history. Not sure how accurate the storyline but at least I knew something. If you guys haven't watched the movie yet then you guys should watch it now. Troy was acted by Brad Pitt while Alexander was acted by Angelina Jolie. Both are great movies.

I also purposely wear some Greek-inspired outfits to honour this place.

The most well-known and popular subject about Troy is Troy War and the Wooden Horse that was used in that war. The reason for the war is Helen who is the beautiful wife of Sparta's King Menelaos. Troy's prince Paris abducts Helen to Troy. Upon this Menelaos organised the other Greek Kings and attacked Troy. They fought for years. Anatolian people support Troy. They see Achaians as enemies.

Well, one of the most intelligent commanders of Achaians Odysseus made a great plan. They decided to make a huge wooden horse and hide in it, so they would be able to go inside of city walls. They constructed the horse and the best warriors hidden in it. The rest of the army was left there and hidden behind Bozcaada with their ships. Eventually, they won the war.

Parion Hotel
This hotel is located near the centre of the port city of Canakkale. Several shops and restaurants can be reached within a few minutes' walk. The port, where you can visit the Trojan horse from the Hollywood film Brad Pitt, is located about one kilometre away. The castle Cimenlik Kalesi is always worth a visit for cultural vultures.

Location : İsmet Paşa Mh. Demircioğlu Cd. No : 130, 17000, Turkey.

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