The Grand Getaway, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur


2020 has almost come to the end and I'm glad that we spend the last day in The Grand Getaway, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur is about to reimagine the culinary industry by blending fine dining, special effects and visual ambience together to create a one of a kind dining journey that will lavishly transport guests around the world and let their senses take flight - all while being on a transformed ground. The Grand Getaway is the birth of an immersive 360° LED technology with avant-garde audiovisual effects engineered to enhance one’s vision of being a luxe flight passenger with the complement of a full-course dining expedition.

Envisioning a concept that is out of the box, The Grand Getaway is designed in such a way that will take fine dining to new literal heights. Its essence lies in inviting guests to be mesmerized by experiential travel and dining through a full-on in-flight experience that will have them seated not just in an aircraft-like atmosphere but embracing a real-time airport ambience too.

Upon arrival at the Grand Ballroom, the foyer comes alive with the hustle and bustle of airline affairs, airport security, flight information board, etc. where guests may enjoy numerous photo opportunities from genuine life-size props and most fascinatingly, their 360° destination simulator.

I must say, I really impressed on their effort that making it looks like a real airport. When the announcement of boarding are exactly the same that we were normally heard in KLIA.

In partnership with the well-regarded event management company, MD Events Asia Sdn. Bhd., Grand Hyatt has joined forces to pave the runway for travel enthusiasts to relive the whole experience of flying and dining abroad again amidst these unprecedented times.

The General Manager - Olivier Lenoir expresses, “It is an absolute privilege for us to gear up and challenge our usual limits to give the market something different to look forward to. Many aspects were weighed in when this dining concept was in the talks of being orchestrated to life—one of which was the fact that our Grand Ballroom and the visual traits of its interior and façade are just the ideal resources we have that fit the bill. To top that, our culinary expertise was also put to the test in curating a 5-course menu that is expected to elevate the overall in-flight experience given the extraordinary deliverance of graphical and special effects from our fellow partner. Although challenging, nothing is impossible.”

The experience is made even more exclusive for guests booked for First Class Suite or Family Getaway packages with the inclusions of a chauffeur service for return transfer from their respective residences and pre-boarding access to Go Grand Premium Lounge for a welcome cocktail.

Photo of us with the "pilot and air hostess". They put so much effort even on the outfits! Thumbs up for Grand Hyatt!

Similar to the authentic boarding experience, their wonderfully hospitable airline crew will be in full character donning professional garbs to greet and assist guests at the check-in counter for verification of boarding passes. Come boarding call, the two-hour journey will take guests aboard Go Grand Airways where a multi-sensory ride to remarkable destinations around the world with gastronomic sensations and mind-blowing displays of sound, light and special effects awaits. Never before seen in any other properties in Malaysia, the travel-dining simulation at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur is first and foremost aimed at giving guests the opportunity to have their imaginations soar to greater heights with the help of our specially tailor-made experiences.

Here are their signature coolers - Lychee and Lime Cooler. Did I mention they are free flow? Perfect for the kids especially when they are thirsty!

We also enjoy our red and white wine as well. I'm a white wine person so it was my selection while hubby had chosen the red wine. Cheers~

Just like any aircraft, they always served us with a bun and butter. Oh mine, makes me miss those foods on the flight so much.

We "travelled" to several countries and the first destination was my favourite city - Tokyo! I MISS TOKYO!!

The first course was the Japanese scallops, served with ikura (fish roe) wakame, radish, sesame and shoyu dressing. It was one of my favourite dishes as I always a fan of scallops and ikura. Definitely a smart choice for the first course to start.

The second destination was San Francisco which they served us California clam chowder. It was a warming dish. Although I had never been to the USA before, I always had clam chowder in Malaysia. It tastes not bad though.

During the third course - Moscow, the hall is suddenly snowing! Although we all knew it was fake snow, still reminds me of the snowing when I was in Hokkaido this early February. It was a great trip and also the only country that I had travelled this year...

The third course was Forest berry sorbet. To match with the snowing scene, they presented us with a smokey presentation. A sour sorbet is just what I want before taking the heavy meals for the next course. 

The next city was Venice. Served with the oven-baked lamb rack, lemon, herb, sauteed garden greens, truffle mashed potato and thyme jus.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of lamb but I personally think this lamb rack is delicious. My favourite would be the truffle mashed potato (because who doesn't like it right?)

The final destination was, of course, Kuala Lumpur. The served us with a dessert platter which consists of mochi, sundae, ms. pavlova, tiramisu and sago gula melaka. My personal favourite would be tiramisu and pavlova. The sundae is a little bit sweet to me.

The scale of this new travel-dining concept is bigger than what we could imagine being brought to life, what more in a difficult year like this. I personally think this concept especially for a frequent traveller like me. Even though I can't travel to the world right now, but this dining experience reminds me of many great travel memories.

In addition, I have a special promo code to my readers / followers for you to enjoy 20% off the dining menu from Jan 1, 2021 to Mar 31, 2021. All you need to do is apply code “FLY20” upon check-out on when you book. (Not applicable for Stay and Dine packages)

Premium Economy Class at RM450 nett per person
- 5-course Airliner Menu
- Free flow of signature coolers (non-alcoholic)
*Add on RM100 nett to enjoy free flow of house pouring wines

Business Class at RM650 nett per person
- 5-course Elite Menu
- Free flow of signature coolers (non-alcoholic)
Exclusive one-hour access to Go Grand Premium Lounge at level 37 for pre-boarding cocktail
*Add on RM100 nett to enjoy free flow of house pouring wines

Junior Class at RM250 nett per person
- 5-course Junior Menu
- Free flow of signature coolers (non-alcoholic)

P/S : A surcharge of RM200 nett per person applies on top of the selected price on specified blackout
dates (December 24, 25 and 31, 2020 and February 14, 2020).

Business Hours
Mon - Fri (7.00pm to 9.00pm) ; Sat - Sun / Public Holidays (7.00pm - 9.00pm)