16 November 2020


Finally, the long wait is no more. The first Malaysian store of Japanese fashion brand BAPE boasts its own cafe, a stylish space with a cool KL crew and fun Tokyo-loving fare. As a fan of BAPE, I was so happy that they finally opened a store here in Malaysia. What even great has they even opened a BAPE Cafe which located in KLCC.

When it first opened, I thought to visit the cafe with my friends, but I saw the crowd is so crazy! Thus, for safety purpose (especially during the current pandemic issue), is better that I pay a visit later. So I did after two weeks and on a weekday. 

You can spot the big logo here on the outside. The Bape cafe is just located beside the Bape fashion store.

Feel free to check out their merchandise such as clothing, accessories or bag etc in the store.

There is a huge LED display full of Bape merchandises right in front of the Bape Cafe. It was so bright that you can spot it easy even when you are walking from far away. It was definitely instaworthy so don't forget to pose and take a snapshot when you're visiting.

When we step into the cafe, we directly inform the waitress we want to sit on the sofa (because it is one of the photo spots) and when she told us do you mind to sit at the corner, we were like "perfect!" so there's no one to photobomb us.

If you don't want to take the sofa seats, feel free to take the normal chair that full of Bape logo as well.

I love that although they are a streetwear brand, they still using the marble print table. All the plates come with a small logo on it.

Aglio Olio (RM45)
Served with linguine, beef bacon, chilli flakes and parmesan cheese. My friend Samuel had ordered this and when the dish has served, it smells delicious!

Truffle Alfredo (RM45)
Served with fettuccini, mushrooms, arugula and parmesan cheese. For me, I had ordered the truffle alfredo. It tastes not bad but I feel the pasta was a little bit dry.

Hot Chocolate (RM15)
To be honest, I feel quite disappointed with the chocolate drink. It's basically tasteless. I'm not a fan of sweet drink but I was hoping at least some taste of it will be appreciated.

Iced Cappuccino (RM15)
Just taste like a normal cappuccino.

Overall, I think the environment (interior) was great, food was so-so and the staff are friendly. There are some wine, champagne and other alcoholic drinks are available too. The price range was a little bit pricey but expected for a street-wear cafe. Well, I gave my honest opinions here but feel free to pay a visit if you want to experience on your own.

Location : A Bathing Ape BAPE Cafe, G12, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours : Daily (10am - 10pm)
Tel : 03-9770 5882

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