19 January 2020


Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, Bata Malaysia is gearing up for the Year of the Rat with a selection of trendy shoes to help you kickstart your new year with a bang! Haven't got your CNY shoes yet? No worries, Bata got you covered! I just got mine from Bata lately. Continue reading to find out about my shoe selection.


I guess everyone heard about the brand before, but allow me to run through the history of the brand with you. Bata is an established brand with a strong presence in 70 countries and 5,000 stores worldwide. With over 100 years of history in the shoe business, Bata offers a wide collection of shoes catering for the middle to the high-income group level, from toddlers to children, and ladies and men.

The merchandise mix comprises of diverse collections as there are fashionable, trendy and up-to-date designs for every season. To name a few of our brands such as Bata, Marie Claire, Comfit, Power, Weinbrenner, Northstar, Pata Pata, Bubblegummer and Premium Leather collections.

Bata's reach is worldwide; its presence is local. Their novel international manufacturing structure allows Bata facilities around the globe to respond to the unique needs and wants of local customers. As a result, Bata is honoured to be a local company in every country it serves. Bata continues to be guided by the same core principle it has followed for over one hundred years: to know its customers and to create the best possible products to meet their needs.


Told you guys about Bata CNY collection and there are so many varieties of the selection no matter for him or for her. From sneaker, heels, scandals, loafer to bag. They have it all! So are you guys ready to step into prosperity with Bata now?

So, I got mine a pair of classic black mid heels. I actually got a hard time for choosing the colour because of the red one also looking attractive as well.

However, in the end I had decided to black over red because I think it's suitable for any occasion. And black is sexy too.

I love how it looks simple yet elegant. My favourite part would be the inner middle design because it didn't fully cover my foot if you can get what I mean. That's the sexy part that I like about these shoes.

So how you think about my choice? Do you girls love it like I do? Do share with me your favourite CNY item from Bata too. You can check them out on their Instagram. Bata is also having new arrivals every Friday as well. 

If you're interested, you may visit your nearest store to check them out or you can visit their official website : too. Happy shopping and Happy Chinese New Year in advanced!


  1. I also got my newly bought heels from Bata for this coming CNY. By the way, I love your dress. May I know where you got it?

    1. That's great! Which heels you'd bought?
      Thanks! I got it from Pomelo. :)