31 January 2020


Hello everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! How you guys doing? Enjoy your Chinese New Year well? I'm so glad I able to squeeze time to blog about food and share with you guys because the last time I shared was in August 2019. Oopsie~ I rarely went to cafe hunting lately compare to previous because I was so busy on everything - work, work and work! Today, I would like to my recent visit to Luckin Kopi @ Petaling Street. Continue reading to find out more about delicious food!

Luckin Kopi

Located in the happening Petaling Street, Luckin Kopi aims to delight its guests with a menu inspired by traditional Asian foods made with freshest ingredients in a heritage surroundings restaurant with excellent services. They believe that they can connect through just one cup of kopi. 

Besides their popular kopi, they also have varieties of food on the menu such as Nasi Lemak, Chicken Chop, Hotpot, Pasta, Desserts and many more. I had to admit, Malaysia's food is the best food in the world! Wherever we traveled, we always miss our country food such as Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng, etc. So, are you ready to drool on my food photos? Lol

Cheesy Indo Mee & Egg

Cheesy Indo Mee & Egg | RM26.90

This is one of their signature dish in the house. Heard that's delicious (according to my friend because he was the one who ordered this). Guess you will love it especially if you are a cheese lover. By the way, this portion is for 2 pax sharing. So no worries if you think you can't finish it by yourself. Order and share it with your friends!

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak | RM5.90

How can you miss nasi lemak when it comes to Malaysia's food right? Another friend of mine has ordered a nasi lemak and you can add on other toppings such as sotong, rendang chicken, fried chicken and so on. In this photo, she had added sotong.

Indo Mee

Indo Mee | RM5.90

As for me, I don't usually eat much for my brunch because I just woke up. Thus, a simple indo mee is what I want. Of course, indo mee serves with a fried egg, sambal and kelopok are the best!

3 States Coffee (KL, Ipoh, & Melaka)

3 States Coffee (KL, Ipoh, & Melaka)

For the drinks, we tried the 3 different states of coffee. For me, I can't taste the difference because all I can taste is kopi. Hahaha. You may give it a try.

The cons of this drink were the portion was too little. So you need to add on if you're thirsty.

Luckin Toast

Luckin Toast | RM12.90

Half-boiled egg with pieces of Hainan bread with 3 sauces. Its supposes come with 4 sauces which are peanut butter, butter, Nutella and so on. But we have no idea why our sauces are weird like sweet corn etc. The bread texture is okay, it just doesn't go well with sauces.


This is definitely the instagram-worthy spot. Since now is the Chinese New Year season, they decorated it with CNY vibes. Love those flowers on the top with the lantern. If you visit another day, you might see different themes for this spot. So don't forget to take a photo with your friends here before you leave the restaurant.

Overall I think the food is okay, the staff are so friendly, the environment is good. The cons will be the location as it really hard to find parking. Also, you have to queue if you visit during weekends. We have been queuing for approximately 15 minutes at the outside. The weather is so hot~ Thus, I will suggest you guys pay a visit during weekdays to avoid the crowd.

Address : 14 Jalan Panggong, Kuala Lumpur
Business hours : Daily (7:00am - 9:00pm)
Parking : We park at the opposite of the shop
Facebook :

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