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Finally I blogged about what to eat in Zhongshan, China. Well, this is not the mainstream of food hunting itinerary. In fact, I just listed out what we had eaten in Zhongshan. Before we travel at China, I do some research what to eat in Zhongshan. However, I found out nothing special so I decided to discover myself when I get there. I guess it's better to try the local food / restaurant instead of following the mainstream food itinerary on the Internet.


When we had arrived at Zhongshan, TomYork Coffee is the nearest cafe at the bus station. Yes, we need to take 1 hours 30 minutes bus from Guangdong to Zhongshan, that's why eventually we stopped at the bus station. By the time we arrived was about evening time. Thus, I and my mom decided to have our early dinner here.

We had ordered the set meal as suggested by the owner. I had order a glass of apple juice (yes, it is really an apple juice) and spring onion noodles (葱油面). The apple juice's texture was so smooth. Not to mention the sprig onion noodle was so delicious! The pork was crispy and the spring noodle was so yummy! Definitely worth to give it a try.

Mommy ordered pork and chicken rice set. She said it taste not bad but the portion is a little bit too big for her. Well, if you're a big eater, you might manage to finish it by your own.

We also dropped by here on the last day before we head to the airport. We had a glass of hot chocolate here and it was so smooth and delicious. The owner was super friendly as she knew both of us speak Cantonese, so she spoke Canto to us instead of Mandarin.

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How can you miss their local cup noodle! They have variety of flavours such as spicy, chicken, pork and many more. My favourite cup noodle is sour and spicy noodle (重庆酸辣面). It was sour and spicy at the same time. Super delicious!

We bought some at our house and taste them one-by-one. The different between China's cup noodle and Malaysia's cup noodle is their soup texture are thicker and their taste is heavier. If you ask me, I would say I prefer China cup noodle. Lol

( 点心 DIM SUM )
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Whenever you visit any part of China, you must try their dim sum! My mom's friends bought us one of the Chinese cuisine, but unfortunately I forgot its name. They recommend this dish called 中山靓金吒 which saying you only can find it here at Zhongshan. It was the one of the popular dim sum dish ere. I tried it and the ingredient was char siew (pork) and outer layer is like mochi.

This is quite unique to me as I don't find it at Malaysia's Chinese cuisine. I don't know what is it but it tastes like Chinese traditional dessert. It consists of beans and nuts. Almost like "kuih-muih" in Malaysia.

There are so many varieties of dim sum dishes you can order. We just order a few according to our own preferences. You can visit any Chinese cuisine as I'm pretty sure they all taste similar.

( 麦当劳 MCDONALD'S )
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Yes, you must visit McDonald's whenever you visit each country because their menu is different! What I ordered here was Mexican BBQ Chicken Burger set. It served with french fries and drink as well. The burger is so delicious!

Mom wasn't feeling hungry so she just ordered french fries with Mexican sauce. Trust me, the sauce was because it was combination of cheese and bbq sauce.

( 云吞面 WAN TAN MEE )

This wan tan mee is suggested by our driver. She said the wan tan mee is popular here so we decided to give it a try. Overall we think the wan tan taste fine but the soup is a little bit too light to us. If the taste is heavier than we might think its taste better. By the way, it comes with big portion so make sure you order a bowl for sharing if you're small eater.


Hahaha I don't know what is it called so I just called it as "it's all about fish!" My mom's friend bought us here to try this. It is like a traditional steamboat. First, they will put some ginger on the boiled water, and then they will pour some fish fillet inside of it.

Seriously, the steamboat is just for fish fillet, nothing else. I'm serious! Normally we will put some vegetables or other meats right? Nope, not for this steamboat. First time experienced this like one-of-a-kind. Lol.

Strongly recommend this dish! The China friends told me they taste like KFC and I don't trust them so I take a bite. OMG! It really tastes like KFC! Crispy on outside and tender inside. If you love KFC or fried food, maybe you can give it a try.

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This is my first time to taste roasted pigeon. I haven't taste it in my life and can't believe first try at China. It tastes similar like duck meat. Not really my favourite.

How you can miss the Harbin beer when you're in China right? Yes, it was the drink of that night for us.


The next day, we decided to pay a visit to my mom's friend house and homemade steamboat is our lunch of that day. Auntie Hua prepares all the fresh ingredient for us such as mushroom, soy sauce, vegetables. There are some vegetables that I haven't seen in my life. The shape and texture looks so unique.

( Homemade char siew )

This is superb! Auntie Hua homemade chicken with coconut water. Smell and taste super delicious. It also good for our skin and health as well.

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My mom said my younger sister love this dumpling made by Auntie Hua when she and my mom visited China last year. I tried it myself this time and it was so yummy! No wonder my sister was craving for this. Even the sauce also homemade by Auntie Hua. She is so talented.

Before steamboat, they also served us some fruit - cherry. It was sweet and tasty.

( 冰棒 ICE CREAM )

Tried and tested this ice cream when I visit Central Power Plaza (you may refer to the travel itinerary at bottom of the post) They have variety of fruits flavour and I had choose blueberry yogurt.

( 语啡厅 YU FEI TING )

We also dropped by at 语啡厅, a local restaurant to take our lunch when we're feeling tired. Tried their sandwiches, milk tea, lemon yogurt and noodle. Taste not bad and services are good. Wifi is included.

That time we visit was zongzi season. So we also tried the China zongzi to see how is it taste. I'm not surprise it taste great though.


Finally has come to one of my favourite restaurant in Zhongshan - Grand Venice Steak House. My mom told me they always visit this restaurant whenever they come to Zhongshan. So I said I want to try before we head back to Malaysia. When we had arrived, we need to queue for 15 minutes for our table. Wow, seem it is a popular restaurant here.

We order this corn & crabstick salad and the portion is super duper huge! We can't even finish half of it hahaha! My mom kept nagging me saying why we ordered this. Lol.

Mom ordered Lamb Ribs and she said taste not bad. The sweet mashed potato taste good though.

For me, I had orded a Chicken Steak with Spaghetti. Love how tender and juicy of the chicken.

For the dessert, we had ordered this 3 different flavour ice cream which is chocolate, milk tea and durian flavour. The durian flavour ice cream is superb!

That's all for today. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading this post and have some idea what to eat when you visit Zhongshan, China. If you want to know more about the itinerary, don't forget to check out the link below.

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