12 October 2017 Singapore



As I always get flowers for my mom, for a reason or no special reason at all, I’ve come to know Singapore’s floral scene quite well. I’ve been to more flower shops than you could ever imagine.

I found A Better Florist on one of my recent shopping sprees. As I scanned the row of shops for flowers that I can take home and give to my dearest mom, I walked by this gorgeous, rich, blooming window shop, and that’s how I found A Better Florist.

I grabbed their Spring Breeze, because it looked like it was designed with my mom in their thoughts.
They had a bunch of hand bouquets to grab on the go, in mason jar and burlap wrapping, with thoughtful cards that you can personalize and take with you. They also had fruit baskets on display, along with hampers for numerous occasions from graduation to anniversaries, and a baby shower gift that I couldn’t stop looking at, although I had no intention of buying it. It was like stepping into a gift dreamland, it’s mesmerizing.

You can also go to their website, which is what I did, right after I went home. It’s easy to browse through all the categories, and among a get well soon hamper, elegant funeral flowers that express sympathy, love and support, and enchanting wedding flower stands (that almost made me want to organize a wedding), I was able to find balloons, bundles and flower bunches, which I didn’t see in the store, and I was hooked. Everything was so carefully put-together and planned to the last detail. Every single petal, leaf, ribbon was in its place.

There’s really nothing you won’t like in their shop or on their website. From the fruit basket to the balloon everything has this cheerful vibe to it. The flowers are breathtakingly fresh, which is the first thing that makes them the best florist in Singapore in my book, because you’ll rarely find flowers that aren’t stored in vases for days, pre-designed and prepared for you to take home. When you walk into their shop, every petal is perky and bright, just like it was picked five minutes ago. It almost looks too good to be true.

They approached this business completely different and made it easy and convenient to shop for gifts
and flowers. With a great flower delivery Singapore probably never experienced before, they enable you to be at home, at the office, on the road and just click your way to the gifts and flowers you want. You don’t have to budge an inch just browse through their website. Afterwards, they will deliver the blooms, on the same day, within only 90 minutes, which is definitely a record when it comes to delivery. And they don’t charge extra for it, which is also one of the greatest perks.

The best florist in Singapore, has also expanded to other places that aren’t in Singapore, and besides dozens of Singaporean shops they now have a Hong Kong flower delivery and an express and reliable Dubai flower delivery, which is quite convenient if you ask me, especially if you have friends and relatives out there. You don’t have to worry about sending expensive packages via mail carrier, because you know A Better Florist has the best flower delivery in Hong Kong and is probably the best florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that you’ll find or could ever find. Once you find a business that you can trust, it’s amazing to be able to seek out their help no matter where you are, and where they are.  Whether you’re looking for the best flower delivery in Singapore, or the absolute best florist in Hong Kong, I wouldn’t look further from A Better Florist, because they’ve really proved themselves as a thoughtful, talented and unique florist that will help you no matter where you are and who you are.

I personally think that you should give A Better Florist a try, not just because of the express flower delivery Singapore craves for so much, because their flowers are really different. Take one glance at their website and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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