13 May 2017


Are you a cup noodle FAN? If you are, then I'm pretty sure you have heard about Nissin Cup Noodles. I always take cup noodles whenever I'm busy with assignments during university life or working for long hours until I have no time to go out for lunch.

Cup noodles have always been my best friend for times like these because it helps me save cost and time. Nissin Cup Noodles is THE best-selling instant-cup noodles in Singapore. It is also No.1 in Japan. With their signature springy noodles and rich flavour, it is a clear winner in its category and you can never be bored with Nissin Cup Noodles - because they have such a wide selection of flavours to choose from.
Nissin Cup Noodles
I bet you do not know that Nissin Cup Noodles is the first Cup Noodles invented in the world - by Nissin founder, Ando Momofuku. The first cup noodle is developed in Japan in 1971 and is now, available in 80 countries and has reached 40 billion sales since. Nissin Cup Noodles have 10 flavours, which include popular flavours like Tom Yam Seafood, Chilli Crab and Seafood.

Oh, and these 10 flavours of Nissin Cup Noodles are now available in stores, here are some of my tips for you to choose your own cup:

Tom Yam Seafood
My all-time favourite! The soup is hot and sour with seafood taste. The Tom Yam Paste gives the soup the spiciness and makes it aromatic with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.

Chilli Crab
This flavour comes with semi-thick broth with a good combination of sweetness and saltiness. Chili Crab paste gives the soup the balanced taste and a hint of seafood taste. It’s my first time trying this flavour in instant noodles but surprisingly it taste just as good as the authentic chili crab dish in Singapore.

The chicken broth comes with a savoury flavour and a distinct chicken aroma. The all-time favourite for all, especially for children. I always like this flavour when I was a kid.

The broth is lightly creamy with a distinct seafood aroma and taste. A good choice for seafood lovers!

Mushroom Chicken
The soup broth has a good balance of mushroom and chicken aroma and taste. Sometimes when I'm not feeling too well and I want to eat something light to comfort my stomach, I will go with this flavour.

Kyushu White
A surprise of taste! The soup broth delivers authentic and aromatic Japanese Ramen taste with real sesame you can taste! A must-not- miss item for Japanese food lover.

The broth has a right balance of spiciness and coconut milk with a distinct aroma of laksa leaves. The laksa paste gives the soup the right amount of spiciness and makes it flavourful. Definitely one of the all-time favourites for Malaysians.

Black Pepper Crab
The soup has a distinct black pepper and crab taste and aroma. The seasoning oil enhances the crab taste and aroma even further. Definitely another favourite of mine! First time trying this flavour in instant noodles and it is surprisingly good!

Spicy Seafood
The broth is spicy with a hint of seafood taste. If you love spicy food and seafood, then this is definitely the best combination for you.

Cream Of Chicken 
I have not tried this yet, but I imagine the flavour to be rich in cream with a hearty taste of chicken. Excited to try this flavour soon.

There are Chinese and English label printed for the flavour so you can choose your desired flavours without any problem.

The top 3 all-time favourites are Tom Yam Seafood, Chilli Crab, and Chicken.

Most cup noodle brands will always state they have a lot of ingredients and I guess you guys have experience that when you open the packaging and see it you are disappointed because the ingredients are so little, right? Well, not for Nissin Cup Noodles. Nissin emphasizes that there are MORE INGREDIENTS for their cup noodles and let's see what is inside.

Wow! You can see that the amount of ingredients they claim on the packaging is actually exactly what they offered! That’s a lot of ingredients! Now you know why I love Nissin Cup Noodles. You can barely see the noodles as it is all covered by the ingredients (toppings).

The flavour that I tried here was Black Pepper Crab. My recent favourite because it tastes good and it has a rich taste of black pepper and crab aroma. Can't believe the flavour match so well with instant noodles.

Also, check out this cool Nissin Samurai Ad I found online:

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