10 May 2017 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


After some readers requested for food post, well here you go! Introducing the luxury Gallery Wine & Dine restaurant which located in Johor Bahru. It is a Western cuisine but also serve fusion foods and wine. If your girlfriend / boyfriend's birthday is coming soon or, since Mother's Day is just around the corner, maybe you can bring her to pay a visit.

Gallery Wine & Dine is located at housing area. It is very easy to find parking and convenient for the neighbourhood. It has been established since 2016 and the decoration and environment is so pretty. Continue reading and I will show you more beautiful pictures. The photo of shown above was taken at outside of the restaurant. We feel glad that we were invited by them to try their signature and new menu.

When we step in the cuisine, the first thing that attracted me was this art wall clock. Love how they put it at the main entrance so people when enjoy looking at it while tasting their wine / champaign.

Iberico Harmon 50g
Iberico Harmon 50g
( Iberico Harmon 50g ) 
Iberico Harmon 50g (RM60)
The first dish they served was Iberico Harmon. It is a specialty from Spain which they will freshly slice in front of you. The default weight they served is 50g but you can request more than that. Of course, additional charges will require.

Yes, the photo shown above is the Iberico originally from Spain. The chef told us how to differentiate the authenticity. If you saw the Iberico comes with black label, black rope and mark, then it is authentic. This is my very first time to try the Iberico and it taste so good! They don't really add much ingredient on top of that, the original taste of it is more than enough.

Seafood Tomato Soup
( Seafood Tomato Soup )
Seafood Tomato Soup
Next dish is Seafood Tomato Soup. It is a slow cook fresh tomato plum soup with fresh prawns, mussels and squid. I love tomato soup but I'm not that kind of sweet tomato soup person. This sweetness of this soup is just right there, not too sweet and you can even taste the seafood with it.

Classic Caesar Salad
( Classic Caesar Salad )
Classic Caesar Salad
Served with baby romaine lettuce toss with garlic mayo, egg yoke, grilled chicken and parmesan cheese. I'm mad in love with this salad because of the garlic mayo! As a garlic fan, the spices of the garlic mayo really attracted me!

Truffle Mushroom Soup
( Truffle Mushroom Soup )
Truffle Mushroom Soup
A mixed of 4 different mushroom for maximum flavours and finish with dash of Truffle oil. I like that how the soup texture comes out not too thick or light. Because if the mushroom texture too thick, you will feel full with just one sip. On the other hand, light texture makes you doubt any mushroom inside.

Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallop
( Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallop )
Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallop
Pan seared Hokkaido scallops with cauliflower puree and button mushrooms. Everyone know the famous Hokkaido scallops are delicious. I love how the chef balance the salty level with puree so you won't feel too salty.

When they are serving this dish, I was quite surprise as this is my first time in reality to see how they put the smoke inside the cover. Now I know how they work. Normally I only see that in the cooking show.

Smoke Salmon Salad
( Smoke Salmon Salad )
Smoke Salmon Salad
Norwegian smoke salmon toss in orange dressing, orange slice and organic garden salad. The smoke salmon is fresh and tender. A healthy dish that you shouldn't miss.

Double Cook Chicken Breast
( Double Cook Chicken Breast )
Double Cook Chicken Breast (RM88)
So, you must be wondering why name it as 'double cook'? Well, first, the chef pan seared the chicken breast and then baked it with sweet cherry tomato and mozzarella cheese. Thus, the taste of it will turns out a little bit sweet. A recommend dish for family or children. Pretty sure they will love it.

Iberico Pork Collar
( Iberico Pork Collar )
Iberico Pork Collar (RM120)
One of the most tender meat marinated with spice and grilled to perfection. This is my first time to taste the collar part of pork and I'm surprised it doesn't look collar at all. The meat is so juicy and tender.

Baby Lamb Rack
( Baby Lamb Rack )
Baby Lamb Rack (RM150)
Using only chill lamb rack from New Zealand charbroiled with garlic and sea salt. It also served with baby carrot, broccoli and potato cubes.

Fed Us Prime Steak
( Fed Us Prime Steak )
150days Grain Fed Us Prime Steak (Sirloin / Ribeye) 250g (RM98)
You can choose your cut US prime steak, either sirloin or ribeye. It served with tomato on vine, sea salt and potatoes chips. Since I'm don't eat beef, so I let boyfie to give it a try. He said the steak taste not bad. I tried the tomato and it is so sweet, love it!

Pan Seared King Cod
( Pan Seared King Cod )
Pan Seared King Cod (RM90)
Superior quality of the cod fish family, this fish is prepared in a hot pan for the crust of the skin and serves with sweet Whisky and raisin sauce. It also served with baby asparagus and baby carrots.

Chocolate Moose Cake
( Chocolate Moose Cake )
Chocolate Moose Cake
Here's come the desserts! This chocolate moose cake is slightly sweet for me but it is delicious. I like the crust of the bottom part.

( Araguani )
It is made with 80% dark chocolate. So, if you don't like sweet dessert, you might want to try this dessert.

Another moose cake dessert. What I like about this the content of the chocolate in the middle taste exactly like Kinder Bueno which is my favourite chocolate!

Passion Fruit Dome
( Passion Fruit Dome )
Passion Fruit Dome
Want to taste something sour? Then order a passion fruit dome. A perfect dessert to clear your palette after all of the sweet desserts.

If you planning to chill with your friends (with glass of wine / champagne), feel free to have a seat in this room. A cozy retro environment to chill with friends.

You can choose any wine, liquor or champagne that you desire because there are plenty of them here. However, if you want to bring your own wine / champagne. There is a cover charge which is RM80.

VIP Room
( VIP Room )
Want to book for your birthday party or private event? No problem! They have total 3 VIP room for you! Each VIP room's minimum spending is RM1,000. Each VIP room included a long table for you to dine in.

VIP Room
If your guest list are more than that and you need to book 2 rooms, the minimum spending is RM2,000 (RM1,000 each). You may contact them for reservation.

Live Band
( Live Band )
After dinner time, there will be live band as well. You can request for your desire songs if you want.

With Chef Ryan
( With Chef Ryan )
Last but not least, a photo with Chef Ryan. Thanks for serving all of the delicious foods for us. All of them are so yummy! If you guys feel hungry after read my post and want to give it a try, don't hesitate to pay a visit! Till here.

( Gallery Wine & Dine )
Address : Jalan Tengku Petrie 1, Kawasan Strait View, Johor Bahru.
Business hours : Daily (5.00pm - 2.00am)
Tel : 016-780 8880

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