25 March 2017


Thai baht: Top money tips when you're travelling to Thailand. Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South East Asia – and it’s no surprise. Home to amazing party destinations, authentic food that’s full of flavour, friendly locals, tropical weather and, perhaps most appealing, it’s a pretty cheap place to visit.

However, as with most places around the world, there are some things that could catch you off guard and end up costing you a fortune. To help you have a straightforward, inexpensive trip, we’ve gathered some top money tips for when you’re travelling to Thailand. Check them out:

1. ATMs charge for withdrawals
Want to withdraw cash in Thailand? If you’re using a foreign debit and credit card to make withdrawals from Thai ATMs, you’ll incur a 150 or 200 baht fee levied by the local ATM owner. And that’s in addition to any fees added by your bank at home.

2. Be careful of fake bank notes
When you’ve got your hands on some cash, you’ve then got to be aware of fake bank notes – especially 100 and 1000 Baht notes.
  • Real bank notes will be made of strong material
  • Fake notes may be easy to rip, frayed and oily to the touch
  • Check for the watermark of Thailand’s King Bhumiphol on the right-hand side
  • Check for the holographic strip down the left-hand side. 

3. Tipping is becoming more commonplace
Although it’s not traditional to tip in Thailand, it is becoming more commonplace as restaurants in tourist areas have come to expect tips from international visitors. Some places will now even add a 10% service charge to your bill, so make sure you check before you hand over more money for a tip.

Remember it’s up to you whether you want to tip for good service, but always factor your decision in when budgeting so you don’t get caught off guard by the cost of eating out.  

4. Be prepared to haggle
Luckily, you can easily save yourself some money in Thailand by haggling. Many businesses in Asia operate this way, so it’s best to get practicing your bartering to get the best prices available – and never take the first price you’re offered.

5. Watch out for scams when hiring transport
If you’re planning on hiring a jet ski or a scooter, make sure you take some photos before you head off on your adventure. It’s quite common for rental places to try and claim you’ve damaged their vehicles when you return, and then try and charge you a fortune for the repairs.

In general, when you’re in Thailand, you’ve got to keep your wits about you as tourists can be easy targets. For example, thieves have been known to drive past on motorcycles to steal your bag quickly and people will try and trick you occasionally. Use your common sense before agreeing to anything.

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