23 March 2017


Actually I feel quite blessed that there are not much problem on my skin. However, the most problematic issue is my blackheads! My blackheads really make me headache. It will pop out more whenever I feel stress especially lately I'm busy with my own business, it pop out even more until I found RAS Black Magic Blackheads Clearing Gel

For your info, RAS is a Singapore beauty brand that is committed to meet the demands of everyday skincare concerns by enhancing one's confidence and providing solutions for every individual of all ages. Trusted to help skin regain its lustre and beauty, RAS will boost the esteem of one's self with its specially created nature-inspired products.

Black Magic blackheads clearing gel
I received the RAS' first product - Black Magic blackheads clearing gel is created to achieve and uncover smooth, radiant and youthful complexion like no other. Formulated with a unique concoction, the gel is made from natural plant-based active ingredients that aims to improve one's skin when it is used as part of the daily skincare regime. The continued usage of this product promises to get rid of all the title blackheads and deliver a beautiful and clear complexion.

Tea Tree Oil and Lemon extract
( RAS Black Magic Blackheads Clearing Gel )
Witch Hazel extract, a key ingredient in Black Magic and native to Northern America, is proven to possess countless benefits for the skin such as getting rid of oil and impurities, help ease redness and irritation. Other benefitting ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil and Lemon extract are added into the mix to soothe and minimise pores size.

Product Features
Product Features :

  • Reduce blackheads and whitheads
  • Control oil secretion
  • Light formula
  • No parabens
  • No artificial fragrance
  • No colourant

How to use
How to use :
I'm using after cleansing and toning. You can apply directly on affected areas only, not the whole face. What great about it is no rinsing required. For best results, use day and night. I apply it after tone for day time and apply it before I go to sleep. I love the cool sensation after I applied. You can really feel the blackheads can be "kill" with the cool effect.

Before & After
( Before & After )
You can see my blackheads is reducing from the photo shown above. I applied it for 2 weeks and this is the result. The unique blend of they key ingredients act as a natural exfoliant that gently eliminates and prevents blackheads and whiteheads from appearing again, giving you the magical confidence and glow of a fresh new face.

They also provided me some colour pencil and image board for entertainment purpose. So lovely right? So... how is my colouring skills huh? Lol

RAS Black Magic blackheads clearing gel is available on RAS' facebook page as well as online store which ship worldwide, and will soon make its way to all SaSa Malaysia outlets in April. For more info on RAS, kindly visit www.rasbeauty.com

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