23 June 2016 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


Hola! Finally I blogged about my staycation at Avillion Water Chalet, Port Dickson. I always want to pay a visit because I saw many beautiful photos that taken by the Instagramers. Special thanks to KKKL Travel & Tours makes my dream come true. Since we need to work on weekdays, sometime a weekend getaway to Port Dickson from KL might a great choice. 

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If you're following my Instagram (@shinilola), then you should check out this photo before. After I posted this photo on my insta, quite a lot of people PM me on Facebook asking where is this place, how was the stay etc. Well, I guess I share my experience here with you guys. Continue reading to find out more.

The view from Avillion Water Chalet room
Avillion Port Dickson is an award-winning beach resort in Malaysia that sits over 23 acres of coast scenery and faces the Strait of Malacca, offering 258 exquisitely designed rooms, chalets and villas. 

Designed with the architecture of an Old World Malay fishing village in mind, the resort fuses traditional culture with contemporary luxuries, giving guests the opportunity to experience Malaysia’s rich heritage while staying in comfort. The result is a perfect hideaway where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and take a much needed retreat. 

Sitting on stilts above water, the signature Avillion Water Chalet promises to transport you away from the hustle and bustle of city living. Inspired by a traditional Malay fishing village, the Water Chalet is furnished with modern luxuries such as an open bathroom with rain shower, a romantic 4-poster bed and a Pangkin daybed that is perfect for daytime lounging.

Features :
- 50.42
- 1 x Avillion 4-poster king sized bed or twin-bedded
- Pangkin daybed
- Private balcony with partial view of the Strait of Malacca
- Ensuite open sky bathroom with bath tub, rain shower and toilet
- Accommodates up to 3 adults or 2 adults with 2 children

Since they have two beds in the room, of course we choose this one because it's super comfy! The pillow is so soft which helps us easily to fall asleep. (I don't reader prefer those hard texture pillow because I will keep turning around in order make myself comfortable.)

This pangkin daybed might be suitable for chilling or chit-chatting session or for the kids. As you can see my legs are so long, thus, the space wouldn't be enough for my height. HAHAHA

Of course I bring my best partner-in-crime for the staycation. Thanks for driving us here even I knew you're so tired. Although the journey from KL to Port Dickson is just 1 hours+ but you know the driver always feel tired for the long distance driving.

I love their bathroom as the space is huge! I also thinking that even couples or bunch of girls can shower together! LOL~ Please noted that beside the shower area got 1 hole underneath so you might heard those sea wave sounds during shower.

Toiletry and hair dryer is available so no worries. I used their green tea shampoo and conditioner and surprisingly it smooth my hair! Normally I don't really like to use hotel's shampoo (except Japan) because their hair shampoo always makes my hair dry. Maybe my hair is sensitive or those hair shampoo really not suitable for my hair. 

Riau Beach
After check-in and rest for 10 minutes, we decided to take a look around this hotel! When arrived at Riau BeachCoupled with the water sports facilities provide by the Recreation Department, you will want to try out the canoe, water bee and Hydro-bike, or simply get your feet on the soft white sandy beach as you take a romantic evening stroll. Suitable for outdoor events of up to 460 guests. We spot a wedding dinner preparation at the beach side. So romantic! Maybe you guys can plan your wedding proposal here as well.

Pet Farm
A visit to the Pet Farm is a must for children and animal lovers. We care for a large number of animals and birds such as rabbits, peacocks and peahens, tortoises, chicks and more. 

Opening Hours:
Feed-A-Pet | 1000 hours daily
Bathe-A-Pet | 1000 hours every Wednesday & Sunday

Come and experience a collection of various species of birds from South African peacocks to their resort-hatched hens. Those birds are not afraid of us at all. If you check out my vlog below then you should know they even walking with us.

aVi Lounge
aVi Lounge is the popular area which you can spot on Instagram. Most of the people will posted their photo which feature the famous couch. I'm actually thought I can take some photos at there but unfortunately I'm so disappointing because I'm not allow to access that area. I can understand it's for private access only but I was invited to review the place, it's quite disappointing that I can't enter and take some beautiful photos.

The iconic floating lounge exudes a sense of calm. Open for breakfast, sunset drinks and private events daily, this stylish and modern lounge expresses its peranakan heritage in a trendsetting language. aVi Lounge was the Winner of Asia Pacific Interior Design Award (APIDA) in 2010.

There are many varieties of activity there, such as :

Gym - Avillion Port Dickson's innovative gym is fitted with world class fitness equipment, including a range of cardiovascular machines, treadmills, recumbent bikes, weight machines and free weights. 

aVi Spa - It is a sanctuary of seclusion from daily life. It is where stillness, simplicity and silence fuse into a contemplative space to create a refuge for elements of solitude to allow your body and mind to arrive at an optimum balance of aura and peace. We are a place that restores emotional balance. 

Water Sports Centre - Keen to try out water sports on your holiday? We offer on-motorized and environmental friendly water sports such as Kayak and Windsurfing facilities for adventure lovers. With warm and calm sea water all year round, you're sure to get your body and feet wet for a good reason! 

Steam & Sauna - Believed to heal aches and pains, a steam and sauna will help you relax your body and flush out toxins leaving your skin soft and supple. 

The Gallery Lounge
Chill out in this open-air sunken bar that carries a variety of snacks and a wide range of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Among the long list of drinks the lounge offers, its signature non-alcoholic welcome drink stands out from the test. Concocted using the lounge's secret recipe mix, the drink is extremely popular with guests.

Opening Hours : 1000 hours to 0100 hours daily

The Garden Chalet
The Garden Chalet is an all-time favourite for families. It offers a refreshing garden view for guests who adore being surrounded by nature. Whether it is on the ground floor or the first floor, each Garden Chalet comes with a private balcony that overlooks the beautifully-landscaped garden.

If you have no idea where to go or any activities available, no worries, you can always refer to the map and signboard to find them. As mentioned, Avillion received World Spa Awards so you must give it a try on their spa.

Village Court
After look around, both of us feel hungry already. We decide to have our lunch at Village Court. Unwind in the casual setting  of a pool side open concept restaurant, Village Court offers a buzzing ambiance and is a popular meeting place to spend quality time with your family and friends, day and night. They serves around-the-clock, from buffet breakfast spread, appetizers and snacks to entrees, pastas, pizzas and local delights. Meals are prepared with intricate care and fresh ingredients to tantalize your taste buds.

Opening Hours : 24 hours (Wow!)

Boyfie order the signature Kampung Fried Rice and I ordered Salmon & Omelette sandwich. Each dish cost about RM30+ if I'm not mistaken. Not affordable but the foods taste good.

When comes to the beautiful resort, of course we need to swim! Change my clothes to the brand new bikini and time for relax! Before I take swim, maybe I should sit back and chill for awhile first.

Cochin Pool
There are total 3 swimming pool at the resort and the first one we visited was Cochin Pool. A lap pool located at the Northern wing, the exclusive Cochin Pool is strictly adults-only, providing a peaceful retreat for those wishing to relax under the sun with a good book in hand. Surrounded by day beds and sun lounges, it is really the perfect refuge for a tranquil afternoon. 

Opening Hours : 24 hours

Village Pool & Kid's Pool
We then head to Village pool for second swimming session. This freeform 1.2m deep swimming pool, set in the midst of the resort's tropical greenery, is open 24 hours daily. Suitable for families, it also comes with whirlpools for added fun for children. 

Opening Hours : 24 hours

Lookout Point
Deck chairs sprawled on white coral sand beach. A place to just sit and mediate to the glorious sunsets in the far horizon.

Since there was heavy raining on that night, we decided to call room service and have a drink in our room. Please noted that the sparkling wine was brought from us, not by the hotel. I ordered a breakfast set while boyfie ordered the satay pizza. Overall the foods taste not bad. Actually the foods are from Village Court as well. The room service is available until 11pm only.

Rise and shine! Sorry if my makeup scary you away! I was trying some sponsored makeup so my face looks fair and lips so dark. HAHAHA~ Have a short photoshooting session for my posting and then take our breakfast.

Crow's Nest
At first we thought we can have breakfast at Village Court but unfortunately the place is full. So at the end we spend our breakfast voucher at Crow's Nest. Set in a contemporary design featuring special timber and rattan furniture with high teak wood ceiling, the design of this dual-level restaurant is a reflection of the rich Malaysian culture. It connects back to the architecture that inspired its name, Crow’s Nest, the highest watch point of a ship.  

The perfect set-up for a semi-formal dining experience, Crow’s Nest provides a bird’s eye view of the natural terrain that Avillion Port Dickson sits on from its balcony. The outdoor terrace dining area offer an exclusive space where you can savour your food while basking in the atmosphere and nature of Port Dickson.

A lovely photo to end this post. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading the post and let me know if you have any questions. If you wish to have alternate weekend getaway, maybe you can check out my another post about Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson. [LINK HERE]  

If you are from Singapore and don't have your own transport? No worries! KKKL Travel & Tours also having tour packages which including return coach as well. Don't forget to check out www.kkkl.com.sg for more tour packages! Loves 


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