[FOOD] A Date with HARAJU CUBE @ Empire Damansara

3 November 2015

Annyeonghaseyo all the way from Korea! Yup, I'm currently in Seoul, Korea right now and this time I'm bringing my laptop along too because I will be staying here for about 3 weeks. I know right, it's kinda long period but luckily the stay and meals are sponsored so I no need to spend so much on this trip. I will explain everything when I blog about the Korea trip alright? Meanwhile, please continue reading for this food post - HARAJU CUBE @ Empire Damansara.  =)

Actually I should blogged about this since long time ago. If I'm not mistaken, I think I visited this place about 4 months ago. Haraju Cube has been a trend since half year ago where everyone is talking about this whenever thinking about toast.

Frankly, I'm not really a toast fans, I'm more prefer thee sandwich types such as croissant, panini and  focaccia etc. The reason is because I think in order to make a good tasting toast, your toast need to e soft and smell good, not to mentioned the most essential factor, the main ingredients.

Angeline and me were queuing for about 5 minutes at outside of the shop. Angeline been here for several times and she told me that we consider lucky because the queue usually so long. The photo above is showing that they have special menu for every month. Kuro Choco was the special of the month that I visited last time.

The interior/

Plain water can be refill and self-service.

The interior was cozy and tidy. However, you may notice the noisiness(depends on how many of the customers) because I visited on weekend so I guess the shop was full of customers and thus, quite noisy at that moment. For the food order, you may order at the counter and pay at the cashier. The waiter / waitress will then send the foods for you.

Ta-da! Here's our meals comes!

Le present the signature beverage in Haraju Cube - Haraju Milk. They having 3 flavours : fruits, butterscotch and coffee. If you're my loyal reader then you should know I don't drink the fresh milk. Chocolate milk is acceptable but fresh milk in white, no thank you. Angeline order this butterscotch milk because she said she like their milk and I saw on Instagram quite many lady order this as well. It been served with butter cookies.

Since I haven't take my breakfast yet so I order this Ham - Cheese Toast | RM13.90. Since I love cheese and egg so is a MUST to order this for myself! Feedback about this? I LOVE IT! I love how they separate the cheese and ham organized so whenever I bite which part of it I also can taste it. The egg is awesome and they pour some mayonnaise on it as well. It served with cold potato salad and cucumber which is nice because I love potato too. Overall I'm satisfied with the dish and I will definitely order this again when I pay a visit for the second time. Strongly recommend for those people who are not aims for dessert when you visit Haraju Cube.  =)

Besides that, we also order this Caramel - Honey toast | RM25.90 for our dessert. It served with thick toast and ice cream on top. Not to mentioned they add on with the honey cube on top as well.

They honey cube was quite sweet for me and hard to chew since I'm wearing braces. I guess if you're not a person who like sweet foods, try not to taste the honey cube. Thick toast with ice cream on top, sounds so delightful right? The toast was crispy and thick on the outside. On the other hand, when we cut the thick toast into half, you can see there are so many small pieces soft toast inside. I prefer the soft toast inside because it taste so good! You can eat it with the caramel or ice cream as you desire.

Do you know that Empire Damansara is another trend since few month earlier as well? I saw a lot of Instagramers taking their #OOTD at here. This taken at the top floor.

I love how they hang their light bulb in the air. Don't know it can be such beautiful.

Angeline is so professional because she bring along her tripod stand! LOL~ In addition, her digital camera can connect with her cellphone just like my TR so we just use her phone to control the capture moment.

Trying my own.

Pretty Angline is skinny compare to a big giant beside her = me.

Miss her already. Can't wait to meet her again next time.

Okay. You might familiar with this scenery because they are a lot of people take photo here.

Spotlight on us.

Another place for photoshooting.

Coincidentally our legs pose are the same. HAHA

103, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, 
Damansara Perdana, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.


Opening Hour
Tue-Thu | 11.00am - 11.00pm
Fri-Sat | 11.00am - 12.00am
Sun | 11.00am - 11.00pm
Closed on Monday 


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  1. I love their toast and milk too! Super fragrant and now they even have more savoury food on the new menu :D you should revisit them heheh

    1. Yup, I know right! The boss invited me to give it a try on their new menu but that time I'm at Korea for whole month. Will revisit them very soon. =)

  2. instead of the place. I am looking at both of you, hehe.. so lovely :D
    this place no go yet, should go when have the time.

    1. Awww...I feel so shy :D
      Yeah you should sweetie.

  3. nice cafe , great deco, delicious food and .....gorgeous babe?

  4. I have never been here, always long queue! And oh, Empire is indeed a very nice place for photoshoot hehe :D

  5. You girls are so beautiful! I love your photos. The place looks amazing too!

  6. I just went there last week! I like the milk and the toast so so so much! You should try the strawberry flavor! Surprising is not so sweet and taste superb!! Where as we did try the cheese tart was really tooo cheesssyyy XD

  7. interesting decor, with an outdoor space for nice OOTD pics ! :D...

    you're looking good.

  8. I heard of this place and their food is nice. Want to pay a visit to this place and try their food.

  9. The places you took pictures, are they belong to the haraju cube? Or is it just near by?

  10. PJU 8 is not far away. Would like to try their toast. ^^

  11. What tripod is that? Seems so cool! Loved those photography! Must share this to my bff she love cafes hehe