3 Ways to Be Photogenic

Hola  Today post is about an interesting topic. "How to look photogenic?" Well, answer been revealed here. Yes! I always get 'compliment' that some friends saying I looks different on the photo and reality. They said why you can be photogenic in the photo? What's the tips? Okie dokie, just follow my directions in this post and you can be photogenic queen / king as well!

 Be Confident  

Confident is a MUST! Everyone should have self-confident. You might not the best but always remember you're UNIQUE. This world won't appear another person who look exactly like you. Many guys saying, when a girl feel confident, they're beautiful and when you're beautiful, you will looks fabulous in every photo. Confident just works like a sparkle.  =)

✿ Choose the Right Angle 

This is critical as well because you should know your best angle than anybody does. Well, maybe your boyfie was exception. If your boyfie was a photographer or he take good picture, then he might know your best angle than you do. LOL~ How to find your best angle? Practice infront of the mirror! Try different expression and play around with the angle. Or, you may use your smart phone's front camera to practice as well. After you discover, then you can look more photogenic when you selfie. 

 Beautiful Skin 

Last but not least, beautiful skin should be included as well. Wondering this is the hardest part? Not at all. With these 3 simple steps by using Clean & Clear products. You can achieve beautiful skin with ease. 

I still remember the first time I used Clean & Clear products I was 8 years old. I bought it at Guardian because that time Watson not really mainstream yet. My favourite skin care would be their cleanser because it makes my skin stay fresh and skin.

And now I'm using their Essential skin care range which included Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer.

- Essential Foaming Facial Wash -

It helps prevent pimples, oily shine and blackheads. Essential Foaming Facial Wash with oil-free formula thoroughly cleanses to remove excess oil and dirt without over drying. It contains anti-bacterial ingredients to help prevent pimples and blackheads. Leaves skin clean and beautifully clear.

Directions : Work into a rich lather, massage onto face, avoiding eye area. Rinse thoroughly. Use twice daily.

- Essentital Oil Control Toner -

It naturally balanced refreshed skin. Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-Control Toner works deep down to the pores to help prevent common skin problems.

Directions : Moisten cotton ball or pad with toner. Apply all over face and neck. Use twice daily.

- Essential Moisturizer -

It supple, beautifully clear skin. Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-Free Moisturizer nourishes skin whilst helping prevent pimples and blackheads. Leaves skin feeling clean and beautifully clear.

Directions : Apply evenly over face and neck. Use twice daily.

For more info, kindly visit :

So basically that's my 3 ways to be photogenic. You may share with me your tips so I can improve my photoshooting skills. LOL~  Good luck guys and be gorgeous. =)

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