12 May 2015

[REVIEW] Mask Packs Head to Toe | Kocostar Korea

Annyeong  Why I'm speaking Korean here? Yuppie~ This post is all about a Korea brand so if you're a fans of Korea then you shouldn't missed this post. I always prefer  Korean and Japanese brand skin care products because my skin was consider very sensitive and their beauty care products just suitable for my skin type.  =)

Thus, let me introduce you the star of the day - Kocostar Korea. Fyi, they had their first branch in Malaysia since December 2014 last year. Finally~ Now we able to grab their products at here as well!

It feel so good whenever I knew some Korean brand decided to open a branch at Malaysia. Sometime their skin care was very nice to use but unfortunately it's not available here. =( Since nowadays they getting export more and more brands here so I'm so excited!

What so special about Kocostar is they actually having products include mask packs from Head To Toe. Yup, we are talking about mask pack for hair, face, nails, hand, foot here.

V Line Hydrogel Chin Pack ]

First up would be the V Line Hydrogel Chin Pack. It's for chin shaping without plastic surgery. It's in hydrogel type as it fit & stick to our face tight, for better firming nutrition absorption.

✿ Unique type of flexible sheet to lift up sagging skin
✿ Moist & soft skin care by silk amino acids, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed collagen.
✿ Highly intensified collagen and other active ingredients caused cell rejuvenation effect
✿ 5 FREE - No paraben, no benzophenone, no sulfate, no artificial pigment, no artificial fragrance.

 When I opened it and its texture was kinda sticky.

After using akin toner, applying it on your chin and wear the hook to the ear for 25-30 minutes
(no rinse off required)

And voila~ My chin became slightly sharper. Oh yeah~

[ 5 Finger Nail Pack ]

For the hand series, they having 2 types - nails and hands. So how do you care for your damaged nail? Are you going to luxury nail salon or do nothing at all? Now you can take care of your damaged nail at home and even while you are using smart phone!  *wink*

 Women's nail gets damaged by excessive nail art, removal of cuticle. And most of them don't care their nails so it will getting easy to broken and become weaken. Most of nail essence products are only for cuticle removal, and there is no product for supplying nutrition and caring nail. =)

 Simple & Easy! Just apply 30-60 minutes whenever & wherever!
Double structure - Outside(Urethane) + Inside(Non woven fabric) contains rich nail essence.

Check out the outcome! My nails was so unhealthy and yellowish previously but after I apply the mask it turns better!

Benefits :
✿ Nail Care - Gloss & Elasticity & Moisturizing 
✿ Nail Root Care - Protection & Moisturizing & Nutrition 
 ✿ Cuticle Care - Soothing & Moisturizing & Nutrition
✿ Dead Skin Care - Softening & Moisturizing

My favourite point about this mask would be you still can with your phone while you're wearing it.

[ Home Salon Hair Pack ]

Wanna makes your hair looks silky smooth but can't afford to visit the salon every week? No worries, this would be your favourite mask! It's simple affordable hair-pack at an ease of using it at home. I guess you guys knew ironing / dyeing / perm / harmful environment / lack of nutrients harm and damage the hair right? To treat this,it is inevitable that you visit to a salon and getting an expensive hair care. With the Kocostar Hair Pack, that is an unnecessary measure. You will be able to get that vigorous healthy looking hair back.  =)

[ Hand Moisture Pack ]
 Enriched & excellent moisturizing effect on your feet through special skin care similar to service from an Esthetic Skin Care Shop! 

✿ It cares dry hands with special moisturizing effect and delivers nutrition into the deep skin. 
✿ Essence inside gloves involves various nutritional plant extract which is excellent for skin care.
✿ 3 layer system (Essence - Moisture - Moisture cover) improves the skin condition with better result.

[ GGONGJI Hair Pack ]

Ggongji hair pack is specially for split end. This would be my very first time to spot this kind of hair pack. I mean, it only created for split end. Quite unique right guys? Tried it and feel the bottom part of my hair is silky smooth after applied.

This is how it look like after I opened it. 

[ Foot Peeling Pack ]

Foot series, they have Foot Peeling Pack. With gentle peeling, and vegetables & fruits extract are added for take care the skin after the peeling. Put on the pack for only 90 minutes! Easy, safe and convenient to use. It protect & moisturize sensitive foot skin after peeled off with 33 Botanical Extracts Ingredients.  =)

[ Details ]
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  1. I really want to try those nail masks. My nails are terrible right now. I want to grow them back out but they won't cooperate T_T

    The mask that wraps around the ears is rather unique. I've never seen anything like it before!

    I want to try the hair masks, too! My hair is one of my favorite things, so I like to take very good care of it.

    So many different masks to choose from!


    1. I know right~ I don't know which try first when I received it LOL

  2. nice masks! ni de blog ye shi hen piao liang!

    mind following me back?


  3. i have the hairpack..have not try it yet!

  4. I would like to buy a pack, do you know hoy many sets come in the pack?


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