5 May 2015

[REVIEW] L'Oréal Paris : Total Repair 5

Bonjour  I know you guys must be feel bored when I didn't update my blog because my friends was keep on complaining~ LOL! Sorry guys, these few days was super busy because I was shifted to new house, family came to KL and went to Backstreet Boys's concert! Yeah, like finally, Not to forget, try to adapt my new job as well. So wish me all the BEST!  =)

Back to the topic, so I guess after the GST implementation, many of you might thinking products getting expensive. Well well, fyi, the price of all L'Oréal Paris shampoos and conditioners will remain the same before and after GST implementation. Oh yeah~ Feel excited right? So I was given a chance to try on their Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Conditioner.

Let's see how good are they shall we?

5 Problems, 1 Solution! Formulated for Asian Hair Total Repair 5 addresses the 5 most common signs of Damaged Hair: Breakage, Dryness, Dullness, Coarseness and Splits ends. Total Repair 5 shampoo cleases hair thoroughly for stronger, nourished, smoother, shinier hair with lesser split-ends.

The first total reparation of the 5 signs of damaged hair with Micro-Ceramide, that works similarly to natural hair cement. Keeps hair strong and healthy by filling in cracks in hair for strengthened and resilient hair.

The Repair Conditioner nourishes and detangles hair , leaving hair feeling stronger, nourished, smoother, shinier with less split-ends.

The texture was similar with the normal conditioner, consider thick texture but I like the fact that it won't so oily.  =)

What I Like
I like that it turns my damage hair to smooth and more moisture. It makes my hair became healthier than previously. The size was fine for me because I don't prefer the huge size. Heavy and not easy to carry during oversea(in case you don't want to buy the travel size).

What I Dislike
I don't really prefer the fragrance, its smell kinda like raspberry. Raspberry was fine but I don't really prefer the heavy smell. Maybe for some consumer they might love it, but not for me. LOL

Don't forget to join the Mother's Day Contest to WIN a year's supply of L'Oréal Paris hair color and hair care products!  I know right~ That's huge! So don't forget to join ya. =)




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