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24 March 2015

Hola  Today post would be different as the ordinary posts because today is all about accessories. I'm a person who love to wear accessories because I think it's like a fashion piece. Sometime when I like casual wear or whole black outfits, accessories always can pop out my style or even able to make it more interesting. =)

I was thinking to purchase some necklaces to update my accessories collection and all thanks to PhantCious, I got my new necklaces now. Fyi, Phantcious is an online shop which offer you lovely and unique accessories which make with lots of love and sincerity. Majority accessories in the store are about Vintage and Zakka! Of course, they will also update your various trendy and fashion accessories to enhance your prefect outlook! 

And guess what? Customization service is available in Phantcious as well. They help on combining customer's preferences to custom made their own style accessories which represent their own story or memory! Well, I guess it's a good idea to customize and give it to your friends / family as a gift right?

So basically these were what I received from them. Total of 4 necklaces and 5 pairs of earrings. 

- White & Blue Sunflower Necklace - 
First up would be my all time favourite White & Blue Sunflower Necklace. They even sent me a pair of earrings to match with it. =)

How do you think? Is it match me well?

[ How to Match ]
Since it was white background colour so it actually quite easily to be match. You may match it with any kinds of outfits. But of course, it's consider feminine pieces, so if you plan to have a cool / emo style better don't match it with your #ootd.

Price @ RM35.90 (including earrings)

- Pink & Blue Daisy Necklace - 
Comes with a pair of earrings as well.

This would be my another favourite piece too.

Since the colour also so lovely, so I just pair it with a white tank top.

[ How to Match ]
As you can seen according to the photo above, the colour was so sweet and lovely. It's definitely suitable for those pastel lovers. I always love to pair it with pastel / bright outfits or just the simple tank top. It might makes me looks loveable? LOL

Price @ RM35.90 (including earrings)

- Golden Braid Necklace -
Comes with white pearl earrings.

Next up would be the Golden Braid Necklace.

Normally I will match it with a black top to makes it looks more elegant.

It may looks quite rugged looking but actually when you're wearing it, it's not.  =)

[ How to Match ]
Normally I will match it with black outfits because black and gold are always best friends. You can either makes it rugged style like pairing with a tank top & jeans, or a black dress to achieve classy / elegant looking. Gold accessories basically easy to match. It's a MUST piece.

Price @ RM25.00

- Black & Gold Braid Necklace -
Comes with gold pearl earrings too.

I pair it with my super red dress.

[ How to Match ]
As I mentioned earlier, black and gold colour are best friends. This braid texture was slightly more simple than the previous one. You can either match it with B & W outfits or any other colour you like. But I would suggest to match with something black since it's related. =)

Price @ RM25.00

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