4 February 2015

[REVIEW] JWEL The Ice Cream Empire

Hola  Yummy yummy post today! Yuppiee! It's about my all time favourite ice-cream again! Remember I blogged about JWEL last time? (LINK HERE)  I had bring back some and tried & tested each of them. So are you guys ready to find out how are their taste? Continue reading to find out more. =)

Special thanks to JWEL for giving me 2 boxes of the JWEL The Ice Cream Empire. 

Each box consists of 5 flavours. 

Please noted the box that I received was only for blogger, customers may purchase different boxes like photo above.

The colourful stories of the JWEL Royals can be found on the back of the ice cream wrappers. Through these writings, you can get a glimpse into the distinctiveness, rivalry and the united pursuit of perfection that they share.

Ta-da!! Here I'm trying the Tiramisu flavour.

*Nom nom*  Yummy yummy~  =D

So, how I thoughts about the ice-cream? Overall I think it was nice. It might be slightly sweet because of the chocolate flavour but other than that, all are just fine. I like the facts that they put a lot of almond on the surface because I like almond. My favourite would be the Tiramisu and Vanilla because I think the flavours just suit my taste. Double chocolate and caramel might be little bit sweet for me because I don't like too sweet. However, I also gave some of them to my housemate and he said he like the double chocolate, so I guess it depends on own preferences. Black forest not really my type because the berry taste was quite heavy, maybe for the berry lover will love it. =) 

JWEL is available at a suggested retail price of RM 3.50 per stick or RM 13.80 for a multipack of 4 sticks at selected leading hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide.

For more info, kindly visit :



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