Gradient Tone @ The Salon Hair Workshop

24 January 2015

Bonjour  It's time to back to #haircare post. Since Chinese New Year is coming soon, have you already figure out what colour do you want for this year? Brown? Ash green? Blonde? 2 tone or highlight? I had try all of them before. And no, I won't try those crazy colour because I knew I'm not suitable. Instead of looking ugly and awkward with the crazy hair colour, I guess I will choose to remain safe with those natural colour. =)  And yes! This time I give it a try on "gradient tone"

Let me introduce the hair salon that I visited recently - The Salon Hair Workshop. for your information, The Salon Hair Workshop's complimentary consultation will prove helpful, informative and inspiring, no matter you are wanting to achieve a simple, easy and commercial style or totally new image. The hair artists can be totally creative, but of course they always put their customers on the first place. They are committed to giving client the ultimate in style service and advice.

I love how there have some "privacy" here which they will actually close the curtain when they're washing your hair. I feel extremely not comfortable when some customers will looking at me while my hair being wash. =(

They displayed some hair colour catalogue on the counter. So if you plan to colour your hair but you're not sure which colour is suitable for you or available, you can always check it out. 

Most of their hair products are from this brand which is under L'Oreal Paris

Right beside me was one of the owner - Randy.

  • Unisex Haircut
  • Wash & Blow
  • Hair Color
  • Highlights / Lowlights
  • Rebonding / Relaxing
  • Hair Treatments
  • Extensions
  • Perm
  • Scalp Treatments

  • First up, they washed my hair and bleach my hair tips until blonde. Then, they helped me to add on ash brown colour on the tips. And voila~ The hair colour was done!

    Ta-da!! Here's the outcome

    As you can see, the colour is gradient tone. The range is from darker hair tone to lighter ash tone.

    It's nice to try different colour tone. Maybe this colour is quite normal but as I said I don't want to go crazy colour at the first place. The services was good and the parking rate was affordable. The staff there serving you nicely and the hairstylist will provide you their advice and opinions to improve your hair condition as well.

    [ The Salon Hair Workshop ]
    UG-05, DPulze Shopping Centre, 
    Lingkaran Cyber Point Timur, 
    Cyber 12, 63000, Cyberjaya, Selangor.
    Tel : 03-8322 6015
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