19 September 2014 Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

[SHINI IN THAILAND] : Day 2 @ Pak Chong

Sawadeekaa  Sorry for the delay. I know some of you sweeties already waiting the Day 2 of my Thailand Trip for so long. I've been busy with pending beauty post and I guess it's time to back on track for my travel post because I even haven't blogged for my remaining days at Hokkaido. >,<

Back to the topic, Day 2 is more into seeing beautiful landscape instead of shopping day. So if you're kind of person who love to visit beautiful places around the world, this might be jump into your interest. =)  I been to Bangkok for twice, but this is my first time to visit Pak Chong and I'm excited!!

As usual, having our breakfast at the hotel. If you're wondering which hotel is this, you may refer to my previous blog post for Day 1 (bottom part link was provided)

They having Egg Benedict in the house! Too bad it's not really nice. =(

The famous curry puff!

Can you see the packaging so nice? You can just purchase 1 and give it our friends as souvenir. =)
It's about 50THB (RM5+) for normally wrapping and it's about 100THB (RM10+) with the nice packaging if I'm not mistaken.

Sunglasses with only cost 59THB (RM5.9++)!!  Got myself one but that's on the other side which cost 12THB (RM12++)

Reached Fram ChokChai.


You can choose the activities that you prefer. The price range is 30 - 220THB (RM3+ - RM22+)

Souvenir shop.

Watching performance.

They also demonstrate us how to recognize their cow by numbering them. Luckily they burn the mark on the wood instead of on the real cow when demonstrating, or else I will be sad to obvious it. 

Riding on the fake horse instead the real one.

Nice place for taking #OOTD shot?  LOL~

This horse was super cute! When he saw I wanna take picture him, he want to kiss me. OMG! Luckily I comfort him and told him don't do that, so he doesn't kiss me at the end. =D

Looks what's Steven doing here. HAHAHA


Vroom vroom~

See how to the smart doggie guard their sheep.

Watching animal performance.

You can see the poodle and goat are performing.


Having our lunch here.

They having steak, salmon and chicken here.

Of course eventually I've chosen salmon. =)

General Information of Farm Chok Chai : 
✿ Address : 169 Moo 2 Friendship Highway, Nongnamdang, Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 Thailand.
✿ Farm Tour Price : 300THB (RM30++) for  Adult | 150 THB (RM15++) for Children
✿ Farm Tour Schedule :
  • (Tuesday – Friday) 10:00am and 02:00pm. Every 20 minutes if needed.
  • (Saturday – Sunday, Public Holidays) 09:00 - 11:40am and 01:00 - 03:40pm, every 20 minutes.
  • (No tours on Monday except if it is a Public Holiday
✿ How to go : Rent a car and drive to Pak Chong District and look for Chok Chai Farm or book day trip via hotel or tour agency 
✿ Tel : 044 328 485
✿ Email : info@farmchokchai.com

Wow~ The Camp Farm ChokChai was huge!

Basically you can staying here with your partner or friends! You can choose on various packages.

Their shower room and washroom was so unique!

Since they're having "go green" theme, most of the interior made of wood.

Even the ceiling was transparent and when you're pee, you might saw a monkey looking at you! (HAAHA, I was just kidding)

General Information of Chok Chai Farm Camp : 
Address : K.M. 159-160 Moo 2 Friendship Highway, Nongnamdang, Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 Thailand. 
✿ Staying Rate : 
  • Weekday : 2800THB (RM280++) for 2pax  | 1200THB (RM120++) for extra bed
  • Weekend : 3500THB (RM350++) for 2pax | 1500THB (RM150++) for extra bed
✿ Tel : 08 4328 8585, 08 9920 6439
✿ Email : farmtour@farmchokchai.com 

The breath-taking view of Sorapong Temple.

I have been visited several temples in Bangkok, this is my first time visit a temple in Pak Chong and it was memorable and worth visiting. =)

General Information of Sorapong Temple / Uttayan Lanboon Temple Khorat : 
  ✿ Address : Mittraphap Road, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 Thailand 
  ✿ Entrance Fee : Free 

A very classic place of attraction in Pakchong, Khao Yai. The architecture reminded us of classic Italy; but it was also the products available within the site that impressed us. There were souvenir shops, many restaurants (various international cuisines and Thai). Highly recommended for any couple visiting Khao Yai. It will only sweeten your relationship!

JQ and me! She's really pro in taking picture by phone. I'm SUCK anyway. LOL~

A MUST visit for this cafe!!
They're having variety of flavours that we don't have in Malaysia, such as Snickers, Kinder Bueno, Peanut Butter etc.
I'd chosen Grape yogurt and JQ has chosen snickers or caramel I forgot. =D
Yum yum~ ^^

I also bought clothes from there too! Basically there's nothing much can do unless taking picture, chilling at the cafe, grab some souvenir and clothes etc. =)

General Information of Palio Khao Yai : 
  ✿ Address : 146/1 Moo.4, Thanarath Road(km.17), Pak Chong, Thailand. 
  ✿ Entrance Fee : 20THB (RM2++) for parking fee.

We heading to Pak Chong Night Market after that.

I went to Thailand several times, but I still don't have the courage to try the worm and JQ did it for her first time! Big clap for her!

They also selling some skin care and cosmetic stuff there.

Super affordable hair shampoo at 7 eleven! Grab 1 for myself. ^^

Having our dinner here.

Bought something for myself and family member. My favourite piece would be the Mickey crop top from Palio! Only cost me 20THB (RM20++) and comes with good quality!   =)

STAY TUNED for my next blog post as many exciting activities will be there!!

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun, my favorite part is the wonderful food. They looks so good, I wish to visit Thailand someday <33


    1. Yup, I do had a lot of fun there! =) Gogogo, they're having promotion now. ^^

  2. Shini! I really love to do this type of tours. Your trip is looks very excited and entertaining. Thailand is a fabulous place. I went there two years ago after cruise key west Bahamas voyage. I found it the best place for spending the holidays. After seeing your blog I have lost in my old and golden memories. I have also spent a lovely and memorable time there. I have a huge wish to visit it again.

    1. Thank you very much. Yup, the entire trip was so entertain!!
      Glad to heard that. It's a worth visit place though =)

  3. what a nice place.. maybe someday if got sponser hahaha.

    1. Yup, you may visit with friends and family too =D

  4. Looks like lots of fun! ^^

    Going to Bangkok next month! Can't wait!


    1. Yup, I do had a lot of fun there ^^ Really? Have fun ya ^^

  5. Thanks for the share, definitely a good one! thumbs up for u yah~

    1. You're most welcome and thanks for your thumbs up <3 =)

  6. I must say your shared information is very charming. I love to visit this place; I visited in Thailand for many times but never take a chance to visit this place. But now after completing my trip of bus from hollywood to disneyland that I have already plan. I will definitely plan my next trip to Thai. I think there will be a lot of fun in shopping my wife would love to come there.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I never visit these places until this time too. =) Have fun when you're there.


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