1 September 2014

[REVIEW] Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Laser Precision

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Hola  Happy Merdeka Day for everyone. It's time to blog!! Are you a fans of #Maybelline? I am because I love their eyeshadow and mascara. However, I never try on their eyeliner yet. Today I'm gonna introduce my recent favourite eyeliner - Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Laser Precision   I heard some of my friends saying the eyeliner is good to use and now I got the chance to give it a try. How's the result? Please continue reading to know more.  =)

It's a new territory of precision with highest laser sharp precision ever at 0.01mm that allows ultra precised design. Its 0.01mm tip with darker pigmentation comes in three shades (Intense Black, Soft Black and Brown for more variety) for color extension. Product is 24 hour smudge proof and has an easy off formula with a laser sharp line. Hypersharp is considered as the finest tip in the market. Line your inner eye, under eye, draw eye tattoos, this liner is a perfect art tool.

Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Laser Precision - Instense Black.

As you can see, the tip is sharper compare to other normal eyeliner.

The colour tone comes with darker pigmentation

I just draw a thin line and you already can see the difference.

Do you guys love it as I do?  =D

Love it! Create simple but nice eyeliner.

Colour Available :
                      Intense Black, Soft Black and Brown                   

Tip's Measurement :

Price :

What I love : The pigmentation is dark and the tip is sharp. It's definitely suitable for beginner because since the tip is so sharp so whenever the user draw wrongly, your eyes won't become panda eyes. You can even draw any other dramatic eyeliner style because it's easily to be use. I tried to rub it with water and surprisingly it really does waterproof. You might thought since it was waterproof, maybe it's not easily to removed? Not at all, it can simply be removed by the make-up remover. =)

Cons : Although it was waterproof but doesn't means it's oily proof. I applied it for more than 8 hours and it smudged.

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