28 August 2014

[REVIEW] Shiseido Ultimune - Power Infusing Concentrate

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Konnichiwa  Obvious I guess  you guys already knew what I will blog about today. It's 'something big' about #Shiseido. When I received such a beautiful gift box from Shiseido(picture above) I was so EXCITED! Because I always love a fans of Shiseido and I have been using their products for years. Everytime I travel to Japan, definitely I will buy lots of Shiseido products because I noticed some of them are not available in Malaysia. They have several product lines from skin care, hair care to cosmetic range etc.What surprisingly me was I can't believe Shiseido already 140 years old in this industry!  If you're a fans of Shiseido like me then you must read this post to the end because the product that I'm introducing today is the product that will be launch VERY SOON!

A brief introduction of Shiseido, it was established in 1872, it upholds the basic philosophy of providing high quality products, strong image and impeccable service to help consumers live their life beautifully. Shiseido products' quality are marked and guaranteed by Shiseido's symbol of beauty, the hanatsubaki or camellia flowers. 

Currently, there are over 70 Shiseido counters established at departmental stores all over Malaysia. The brand intends to solidify its position in the prestige market by strengthening sales and upgrading different product lines to meet different women's needs.

Special thanks to Shiseido for the lovely gift sets.

" Skin has it own immunity. ULTIMUNE makes this your opportunity. "
Just as your body's immune system defends you against dangerous foreign invaders, skin has its own immune system for defense system for defense against the increasing environmental threats, emotional stress and aging that wear down your skin's strength. 

Because now, after twenty years of research and development, #ULTIMUNE is finally here. Besides of just concentrating on your current skin concerns, ULTIMUNE supports natural skin function to maximize its own ability. So women of every age, ethnicity and skin type can experience the untapped power that lives within their skin, and always has. 

You must wondering, why immunity right? Shiseido believes that within everyone's skin, nature has embedded infinite possibilities for a lifetime of health and beauty as well. Therefore, for more than 140 years, Shiseido has looked within the skin itself for ways to enhance its natural power, vitality and ability to restrain problems. This itinerary led them to the research of skin immunity. Moreover, the more they discovered it, the more reason they had to believe that this universal power would enable skin to fight toward all kinds of damage on its own. after twenty years of research, a clear connection between immunity and skin's beauty is finally revealed. Women of every age, ethnicity and skin type to experience their skin's untapped power.

{ Because the beauty is already in you. }

✿ Immunity. It works for all of us.
Immunity is actually your personal security system, on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Of course, the level of its performance always depends on the condition of all its parts, and the lifestyle of the individual. Kept in ideal working condition, it is a power that can secure a lifetime of health and beauty.

✿ It's multi-functional.
If you don't get sick, you can thank your immune system for keeping viruses from attacking. If you do come down with an illness, a fever is a sign that your immune system is weak. The multi-fuctional power of your immune system not only protects you from viruses, bacteria and environmental pollution, it also avoidchanges in skin caused by ageing and promotes the normal growth of the biological body.

✿ It's getting more attention all the time.
With so much power to increase the standard of our lives, it's not completely surprisingly that the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to researchers of immunity. Immunity is a popular field of study among researchers worldwide. Still, its promise and possibilities are relatively unexplored.

Can guess what? They even sent me a series of Shiseido Ibuki products.

Arigato  Much appreciated. I will review the Ibuki series on next post. =)

Next Generation Skincare Technology
 Based on more than 20 years of immunity research
 New triggers for decline in Langerhans cells
 The world's first cosmetics focusing on study of Langerhans cells
 Unprecedented Ultimate Complex
 31 patents worldwide

" A world first by Shiseido : Ultimune Complex that directly focuses on the study of Langerhans cells "
Shiseido has developed Ultimune Complex to help preserve the function of Langerhans cells by focusing on them directly. Blending ingredients in a fine balance, this new complex supports the function of Langerhans cells that have been weakened by environmental factors, aging and emotional stress.

Function :
 Ultimately smooth and supple skin
 Strong, trouble-resistant skin
 Skin that remains beautiful over time

Ingredient :
Eastern and Western herbs (Gingko, Perilla, Thyme)

Price :
30ml 1 FL.OZ. - RM255
50ml 1.6 FL.OZ. - RM355

Availability :
   All Shiseido counters(global) from September 2014 onwards   

Instructions : It's easily to apply. Just apply 2 drop on your palm and use your finger to apply on your several part of face. Then, massage evenly. (Don't forget to apply on your neck too if you have excess)

Apply twice daily. Cleanse > Toner/Lotion > Shiseido Ultimune > Moisturizer > Sunscreen(Day) / Night Cream(Night)

Texture : Gel type 

After apply it, my skin feels full and supple with a silky smooth surface. It appears to glow more than ever! Do you know it works as a 'supporter' too? For instance, if you apply moisturizer or sunscreen but you can't see the instant effect, it can actually help you to boost up the outcome. It able to maximize other product's capability as well. Research mentioned, after used for 4 weeks, firmness and resilience are improved, making wrinkles less visible too! I can't wait to spot the differences. Please noted that effect might not obvious for young ladies because your current condition is still quite good compare to prime age women. If your age is 40 and above, you may see your skin works more effective and the result more obvious.  =)

Once again, Thanks to Shiseido for everything 

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