Bonjour  It's been awhile I didn't update my photoshoot portfolio. I guess the last time I update was like half year ago. This time collaborate with my friend Jeremy - who is a professional photographer and I got a whole new wonderful experience working with him. All thanks to him, I got a bunch of beautiful photo which wearing sponsored coordinates from FREDJO. We always discuss when we gonna have a photoshoot since 1 year ago and now finally we had worked together. If you notice the cool photo above, that's his masterpiece and this is my favourite among others! Actually I love them all but this shot make me looks so cool that's why I love it. LOL~

Hola  Time to blogged about my another beauty experience at Premier Clinic. If you read my previous post, then you should know I had done a beauty treatment at there. In case you missed it, please click HERE for more info. 

So yeah~ I'm here again. As I mentioned earlier. I gain weight a lot. I do workout at home. Of course, it won't bring any instant result because it take time. I try to try any ways to slim down except taking medicine because it could be killing you. Not suggested to my readers too if you plan to use that method.  (>,<)

You know, I'm the person who hard to slim down. My gene was born with chubby face and puffy body. I got a lot of stubborn fat and very hard to get rid of it. Moreover, sometime I do eat the wrong foods, so I guess I lose the ability to maintain a healthy balance. =(
Under these conditions, weight loss is almost impossible. Sometime Our muscles think we’re starving… at least chemically. Due to this process, grossly fat people are in fact starving. As a result of this starvation, we eat more sugars, simple starches and fats that add to disease, increase hunger and cravings, while preventing or slowing weight loss in spite of your dieting efforts.
I consult Dr.Toh and asking which treatment is most suitable for my current body condition and she suggested HCG Weight Loss Programme to me.

So what is HCG Weight Loss Programme? With their customized HCG program there is now an effortless long term solution to patients suffering from Weight Loss Resistance problems. This solution will eliminate cravings, out of hunger and binges, and bring about stabilization to your sluggish metabolism.

HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body and it triggers the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for metabolism and causes abnormal body fat to release. HCG floods your body with stores of 2000 to 4000 calories per day of abnormal fat reserves. With their Advanced HCG diet you are not living off the calories you consume but stored fat calories, and the released calories provide the necessary energy your body needs while reducing hunger and keeping the body out of starvation mode. HCG dieters report that they feel better and have more energy because of these effects.

✿ First patient visit and physical
 ✿ HCG, along with everything necessary for injections

 ✿ Weekly follow up visits with our HCG weight loss coach
 ✿ Nutritional coaching✿ Prescription for appetite suppressant if needed

Since I need to do the injection on my own, so I need to how about the procedures and how it works.

Doctor showed me which part should I injected. By the way, the injection is to burn fat. =)

And demonstrate how to do the injection. Frankly, I feel quite pain when doctor squeeze my tummy. LOL~ She said it to reduce the pain of the injection. However, I don't feel pain at for the injection, guess because I focus more on she squeeze my fat. =D

With the gorgeous Dr.Toh.

Since I need to do the injection on my own for the pass 30 days, so doctor provide me a bag which full of the syringes.

Woohoo~ I feel I'm like a drug dealer. HAHAHA

Some alcohol swab for hygiene issue.

Actually the needle was short, so it won't painful when I inject on my fat tummy. LOL

Doctor also gave me a list of do's and don't for the foods. For example, I can't eat fried foods, chicken skin, salmon etc. And yes, I can eat fast foods of course! It was hard at the beginning, but I'm quite used to it after 2 weeks, I do this not just because I want to have a better body shape, I also do it for my health matter. I feel I can easily to sleep after I started this programme. I also feel my body weight becomes lighter. When I doing workout, my speed getting faster too. I guess sometime the slimming treatment or programme can helps us to improve our health too. Obesity it quite a huge issue for the health though. =)

[ Premier Clinic ]
Address : No.31 Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 WP Kuala Lumpur.
Contact No : +603 – 7732 5552 / +6012 -6625 552 (mobile)         

*Clinic hour : Tuesday - Saturday (10am - 7pm)
Sunday / Monday / Public Holiday - Closed

Bonjour  It's time pamper your lips  I'm obsessed to try different kinds and shades of the lipstick / lip balm ever since half years ago. I guess because of the recent fashion trend, Korean drama, artist as fashion icon etc. Previously, I don't even dare to apply pink shade lipstick because I think it's too pinky for me. But now, I even have the courage to apply dark lips for outing. Woohoo~  =)

Hola It's been a busy month for me!! This month I rejected tons of event because I need to focus on my pending blog post and some photoshoot issues. Do stay tuned at my blog guys as I will uploaded those photoshoot photos once I got it from the photographer. It's been quite a period I didn't attend any photoshooting session so hopefully my posing skills hasn't rusted. Well, what I means is shooting by the professional photographer but not those kinds of own taking ootd or captured by boyfie or friends ya. =)

However, my skin turning back recently. =(  No pimples, but some pigmentation appears. Sobz sobz T________T  Although I done my skin analysis and my beautician telling me my skin was a bit dry that's all, but I still feel my skin turns bad recently. Thanks to HiShop for sending "angel" to me! Erm, I means the mask that reduced my current bad skin condition. =)

So what's main function of this Bidanpo Mediental Botanic Garden Acaiberry Mask? It helps your skin retain moisture, creating a lively glow. Contains Fresh Euterpe Oleracea fruit extract nutrition and the youth of Vaccinium Angustifolium (blueberry)fruit extract. The natural cellulose tencel sheets are highly demo-tropic and easily fitted onto skin. It also helpful for intensive skin care and deliver the effects of enriched essence gently. 

So let's give it a try shall we?

You can spot some pattern here on the mask. 

Comfort and it's really fit for my face shape. LOL

Direction of use : 
1)  After cleansing, even out skin using toner. Take the mask out of its package, unfold and place the sheet on the face. 
2)  Rest comfortability for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask. 
3)  Remove the mask, and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin. 

  [ Bidanpo Mediental Botanic Garden Mask - Acaiberry ]  

Functions :
Moisture, Skin glowing.

Selection availability :
  Acaiberry, Broccoli, Lemon, Pumpkin, Tomato

Price :
RM4.50 per piece

Overall I think I'm quite satisfied for the result. Sometime I found it quite annoying if size of the mask doesn't fit me well. It might be too big or too small for my face. I knew it's personal, but this mask does fit my face very well and the essence is a lot! I don't like those mask with less essence so when I put it on my face I feel it will dry with ease. Oh ya! And sorry about my super heavy make-up because I just done another photoshoot and the make-up artist done a bad job. =(

Of course, I always be good to my beloved readers.

Click HERE for purchasing.

For more info,

Sawadeekaa  Sorry for the delay. I know some of you sweeties already waiting the Day 2 of my Thailand Trip for so long. I've been busy with pending beauty post and I guess it's time to back on track for my travel post because I even haven't blogged for my remaining days at Hokkaido. >,<

Hola  Any Whisky fans here? If you're then you MUST read this blog post to the end because it might be exactly your taste here. LOL~ Last month, I was invited by Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers for attending the Nikka Whisky Tasting @ The Point. Alcoholic like me sure hands up for this project because I need to drink at least once per 2 weeks to release my stress.

In order for those people who don't drink to have a clear idea, here are some brief history about how Nikka Whisky has been created. In 1918, the founder - Masataka Taketsuru embarked alone on a long voyage to Scotland. In this distant land the secrets of whisky-making would be imparted to this young Japanese man, and here he would meet the woman who would become his bride.

Masataka Taketsuru was born in the coastal town of Takehara (now Takehara City) about 60km from Hiroshima City. The Taketsuru family owned a "sake"(Japanese brew made form fermented rice) brewery that goes back to 1733-- and continues to produce fine sake today, in 2004. Taught early that sake making is a painstaking fine art, Masataka studied diligently and trained at university as a chemist, preparing to carry on the family trade.

However, Scotch whisky captured the young man's imagination, as well as the interest of few other enterprising Japanese of that day. He decided to dedicate his life to whisky.

"Black" is a pure malt whisky made primarily with the Yoichi malt, and it has a solid, bold taste. "Red," on the other hand, is made primarily with malt of the Miyagikyo distillery and has a soft, delicate flavor. "White" is a pure malt whisky made mainly with Islay, Scotland type malt and has a heavy, peaty essence.
Pure Malt Black (Alcohol : 43%)
Mainly composed of Yoichi distillery malt, Black is characterized by powerful peat, rich taste and firm flavor. It's rich and sweet, with lots of black fruit, dark chocolate, and a little polished oak. More substantial than the Red, with an extra layer of smokiness and greater depth and power on the palate. Peppery on the finish. "Black" is a pure malt made primarily with Yoichi malt and has a solid bold taste.
Pure Malt Red (Alcohol : 43%) 
Mainly composed of Miyagikyo distillery malt, Red is characterized by lightly sweet vanilla nose and a soft and gentle taste. It's light and fragrant, with faint hints of pineapple, fresh apple, pear and a gentle almond-like-oakiness. This delicacy continues on the palate, along with a light citruc finish. "Red" is made primarily with malt from Miyagikyo distillery and has a soft, delicate flavor.
Pure Malt White (Alcohol : 43%)
Mainly composed of malt of the Scottish island of Islay, White has a strong peaty nose reminiscent of seaweed and iodine, and a soft but deep taste. The smokiest member of the trio, with plenty of salt spray, fragrant dried lavender, and soot on the nose, and the same herbal, oily note as From The Barrel. The palate is rich and soapy. "White" is a pure malt whisky made mainly with Islay, Scotland type malt and has a heavy, peaty essence.

Coffee Grain (Alcohol : 40%)
This Grain Whisky is distilled in a "Coffey still", which is a very traditional and rare patent still Nikka imported from Scotland in 1963. The Coffey still produces a complex whisky with a mellow and sweet taste originating from the grain itself. Please enjoy the uniqueness of this whisky which Nikka offers to the connoisseurs. 

The venue.

#SHINIOOTD : Top from Forever 21 // Black Floral Sexy Lace Pencil Skirt from @myminiclozet // Bag from Louis Vuitton, Heels from China

Awww❤  Once I step in their cuisine, I'm totally fall in love with this interior.

Spot the light bulb!! I actually love how they put the crystal inside the light bulb

You can see they even provide some info about Nikka Whisky for us. =)

Actually we can only start tasting once all the guests arrived. Nervous me take a sip without noticing until the Manager informed me. >,<  What a shame!!

Before we can start tasting, chilling with the beer first.

And finally I can start tasting it!!

PR Manager gave us a brief introduction of Nikka Whisky and teaches us step-by-step how to drink it in a correct way.

Yes! You need to smell it before you drink it! It was an enjoyment. LOL~
(Damn! My eyelashes are so volume and long here)

Some foods that we order.

This fried chicken was freaking delicious!

This is fried duck something. Not really my type.

I love this port burger! Just the sauce been a little bit spicy for me because I don't eat spicy.
You guys can give it a try if you can eat spicy. =)
Met a new friend here - Su Mei. A friendly and playful person.

Overall my favourite would be the Pure Malt Black because it was just my taste! I don't really like the heavy taste nor too light. Even Su Mei like the Black one too! I guess that would be girl's favourite then. LOL~  I guess that's about it for today. Tata~

[ Nikka Whisky ] 
Facebook :

[ The Point ]
  • No. 122, First and Second Floor, Jalan Kasah, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Tel : 03-2011 8008
  • Opening Hours : Mon - Tue (5pm - 1am) | Wed - Sat (11.30am - 2pm, 5pm - 1am)

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