3 August 2014

[REVIEW] Velvet Smooth Express Pedi from Scholl | #MYVelvetSmooth

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Hola  Are you guys having cracked heel and it drives you nut!? I'm having cracked heel as well because I always like to wear high heels during outings. Yes, you need to sacrifice is you're high heels lover because it will make your legs feel pain after whole day long, muscular shape and last but not least - ugly cracked heels.

But now, our problem will be solved, all thanks to the new Velvet Smooth Express Pedi from Scholl. Since the product name is quite long so I just simplify it as #MYVelvetSmooth.

So what's exactly about the #MYVelvetSmooth?  It's different compare to other ordinary tools because it's actually include electronic foot file. It able to get your feet that look great and feel super smooth without any hassle. It buffs away hard skin in minutes leaving you with fabulous feet that you'll want to show off. You can just use it with ease.

✿ Ergonomically Shaped Soft Touch Handle
✿ Specially-designed Micralumina Replaceable Head
✿ Gentle & Effective Rotating Action
✿ Battery Operated
✿ Ready to use

You can just gently rotate the file over hard skin and see the dead skin disappear. Once your feet are smooth and soft again breathe a sigh of relief. =)

Yes, they are 4 units of AA Batteries included when you purchased it. You can always change the batteries when it's run out of batteries. And guess what? You can even buy the refill pack of the roller! It can be refill. ^^

The "O" sign stand for OFF while the "l" symbol stand for ON

Instructions :

1. Unscrew the base of the unit in an anti-clockwise direction.
2. Remove the base from the unit and remove and dispose of the red insulator tab.
3. Replace the base of the unit and screw in a clockwise direction until secure.
4. Follow the directions inside for Regular Usage.

Now, let's tried and tested shall we?  =)

Sorry for disgust you, this was my ugly cracked heels. [BEFORE]

"They see me rolling~ They hating~" LOL 

Remember to roll the 2 parts that I circle on. =)

[AFTER USE] Surprise! All the dead skin is gone! When you're rolling it, the dead skin will simply pull off with ease. So do remember don't roll your feet on your bed or else your bed will full with the dead skin. LOL

Say Hello to my Happy Feet now!!

Overall I'm satisfied about the result because finally I can say BuBye to my cracked heel! It's effortless and easily to be use. You can just switch ON the #MYVelvetSmooth and start rolling your feet. For my suggestion, you can apply some lotion on your feet right after you roll and wash it. It can provide your extra moisture effect. =D

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#MYVelvetSmooth is now available at any pharmacies or drug stores.
Price : RM129.90 
Roller head refill packs: RM49.90

Remember to drop by One Utama New Wing (right outside Watsons) to experience the foot pampering session on 6 till 10 August. Time session is started form 10.30am to 9.30pm.

For more info, please visit :

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