31 July 2014

L'Oreal Paris Blogger Party‏ | White Perfect Total 10 Review


Bonjour  It's time to blog again! I will blog frequently so please don't feel bored when you saw my post keeping up ya.*wink*  Last month, I'm glad I was invited by L'Oreal to attending their blogger tea party. It was fun though because I met a lot of of my fellow bloggers. Of course, not to mention, to try on their fabulous products. =) 

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Since the theme of that day would be Blue and Lilac, of course I will try my best to match the theme. Unfortunately I don't have many beautiful blue colour outfits, so eventually I decided to choose Lilac.

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The event was actually held @ Chillax, TGV Cinema, Old Wing, 1 Utama. My first visit there and that place was cosy and nice. Will recommended as a place for chilling with friends.

The staff requested us to write some keywords to describe ourselves and we have a photobooth there.

Introduce you guys the latest trend - L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10

The product series. Frankly, I tried & tested all of them in my life. My favourite would be their suncreen and white perfect total 10. 

Do you guys know the product was named by "White Perfect Total 10"?

It is because....
5 Complete Brightening Instantly
✿ Instant Brightening
✿ Fairer Skin
✿ Even Tone
✿ Reduce Dark
✿ Spots Shine Control

Full Protection
✿ Anti-UVA
✿ Anti-UVB
✿ Anti-oxydation
✿ Anti-pollution
✿ Anti-oillness

They also prepare some refreshment for us and my favourite would be the strawberry pudding or something. It's so delicious and makes me craving now while I'm blogging about this! LOL


They even gave us the DIY charm bracelet which is like Pandora version!

Ta da!! Our charm bracelet.


Introducing the all-new Mat Magique All-in-one powder to you guys. The design is so pretty because I'm a pink lover and it's just simple and nice. First of all innovations, L'Oreal Paris Powder Foundation Matte All-in-One. Its texture soft like velvet To keep skin matte all day.
✿ Adjustment skin Control it with a long 12 hours.
✿ Close + coverage perfectly smooth. Similarly, the liquid
 Provides exactly perfect skin. Conceal pores look smaller.
✿ Protect sun protection with SPF 34 / PA +++.

Makeover corner? Yup!! To win some prizes. ^^

Love their White Perfect series. 

With some of my girls on that day.

Special thanks to L'Oreal for everything. XOXO

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How can I not to tried & tested on the latest White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream? I always aims for whitening / brightening beauty care and this is the one that I'm looking for!

As you can see from the photo, I just apply the day cream and apply some eye makeup. It's work quite well and surprisingly it also provide good coverage. Of course, if your pimples are in serious situation then this might can't fully cover for your skin. =)

What attracting me was they actually have a small little things to cover the hole for you. Therefore, the cream won't easily to spread out and it's safe when you bring it along for travel or outing. (because usually some product doesn't that user-friendly)

Yes, the texture is creamy and the colour is like grayish but not totally white in colour. It looks heavy but actually when you apply evenly on your face, it's not actually so oily nor sticky. However, the texture is slightly thicker than the normal day cream which I like (I know some people don't). It's like a  moisturizer. It kept my face brightening for all day long and I'm pretty sure if I apply it everyday and I can say bubye to those mini dark spots. Please noted that day cream is essential for our skin too. =) 

The price is RM39.90 and it's available at any drug store.

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For more info, please visit their Facebook : facebook.com/lorealparismalaysia


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