14 August 2014

[REVIEW] Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (Stardust)‏

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Hola  Today post is about make-up!!  I guess I ask this question before on my blog. If I let you choose only 1 cosmetic, what will you choose? Some of you might choose eye brown pencil, lipstick or foundation, but for me, I will definitely to choose eyeliner. Frankly, eyeliner is essential for me. It can make my eyes looks bigger and gorgeous. LOL~ I can still go out with naked face, but if you ask me to apply some make-up, eyeliner was my first choice. As I mentioned earlier, I always like to choose liquid type instead of crayon or pencil type because the point is sharper and easier to draw. But how about gel type? Hmm....continue reading to find out more shall we?  =)

Yup! Today I'm gonna review #Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner (Stardust) from Natta Cosme. If you guys still remember, I blogged about another 2 colour from the same series HERE. Since last time my comment of it was quite good, so of course I'm excited to try it out this time. 

This time, Natta Cosme sent me 2 different kind of colour, the first one would be the #Galaxy Black (code 02)

Shini's Thoughts :
Remember last time I mentioned I like the Night Black colour because it's super black? But this time, Galaxy Black colour is not really dark compare to Night Black. In fact, it got a little bit of glitter inside. I guess why it was named as 'galaxy' right? =)  But this more natural compare to the night black, at least it won't be so heavy. You can just apply it with a thin layer on your eyelid. I think it's suitable for day and night outing. Of course, apply a little bit thicker during night time would be better in order to make your eyes looks more attractive and bigger.  

Another one would be #Golden Brown (code 04)  Yippee! My favourite brown colour!

Shini's Thoughts :
I love love love this colour! Super nice as I'm a fans of brown eyeliner and it included some glitter as well. I always prefer brown eyeliner because it's natural. Normally the brown eyeliner I'm currently using are all without glitter. Obviously, this is different! Add up a little bit of glitter makes my eyes pop and shine! If you're looking my photo(above) carefully, you can see my double eyelid are super thick right?(Yup! I'm proud of my natural super double eyelid alright)  Hate it when people saying I done some surgery on that because it's super thick, I was born with that okay ><  It match with my thick double eyelid well, so my eyes won't looks so puffy. =)

So, which colour do you think I'm more prefer?

Yup! The winner would be #Golden Brown. The colour and glitter really touch my heart! I tried to apply them up to 8 hours. Eventually, they do smudge a little bit on my eye bag area. However, my eyeliner are still there, just small small part already disappear. I guess it's because my eyelid area are too oily. I guess I will apply it for short outing like 3-4 hours, but for all day long, guess I will go for the liquid type. =)

Price : RM34.90 RM24.90
4 colours are available : 01 Night Black / 02 Galaxy Black /03 Choco Brown / 04 Golden Brown

Last but not least, check out my #vlog by using them for make-up :

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*This code valid until 31/8/2014*

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