11 August 2014

My First Hair Bleaching Experience @ Frank Salon

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Bello Finally I blog about my current hair colour! Since day 1 I got my hair colour, tons of sweeties keep email and inbox me asking where do I dyed my hair and what colour is this. Well, please continue reading to find out more. =)

It's been awhile I didn't visit hair salon because first I was busy, secondly everytime I step in a hair salon I will definitely dye my hair. I knew my hair condition was really bad and damage, so I don't even have a second thought to dye my hair recently. However, Frank Salon changed my mind.  =)

I decided to visit Frank Salon because they have more than 12 years experience of this industry. Previously, they are located at Sg.Wang but now, they're located @ Nexus, Bangsar South which is much better because it just nearby my place (personal reason) and there got a lot of parking (FREE)!

Oh yeah~ Before I done anything on my hair, let check out my damage and dry hair! I know right~ I hate my pudding hair. =(

Once I reached their place, they directly helped me to wear this big black cape(I don't know what it's called). I'm quite surprise about their efficiency because the normal salon will only yse a big towel or a big black cape to lay on our body and clip it when we cut our hair or perming something. But in Frank Salon, they have this kind of cape which is like a jacket type. They doing this to every customer which I think it's a good thing because it proof they're really concern about the hygiene and customers safety so those cream or hair won't falls on our clothes as the black cloth that I'm wearing quite huge size. =)

The owner - Frankie gave me the catalog of their hair colour range for selection.  Oh ya~ All of their shampoo, conditioner, treatment etc all from a Japanese brand calld Milbon. I guess some of you might heard about this brand before because it's quite famous. =)

WOW~ They have variety of colour to choose and I'm so excited and lost at the same time because I have no idea which colour should I choose.

These are named as Tone Controller which means that Frankie will basically mixed this colour and other in order to came out with customer ideal colour.

I want to try something new, some colour that I never try before. So eventually I choose this colour - Matte Grey (code 11-sMA)

So EXCITED!! Can't wait to see the result!

Oops! If you guys wondering why my hair colour is like Dragon Ball character is because I bleach my hair. Yup! For the first time ever! I never dare to bleach my hair because I heard some friends saying it was painful and cause your turns to super duper dry. However, I put my trust on Frankie and I told them do what you want to do. Overall, I didn't feel pain at all and Frankie helping my apply the cream slowly and patiently. He said rushing won't provide high quality outcome, well I do agree about that. =)

Besides of dyed my hair, Frankie also help me apply their signature DEESSE's Collagen Treatment. It was different compare to the normal treatment that we did ordinary because it was actually focus on collagen. I thought our skin and body need collagen but never thought it's necessary for our hair as well.

Frankie explain to me very details about the treatment. He said it was the same concept as apply collagen on our skin. When our skin lose collagen, it will automatically dry, won't elastic like "doint doint" as what usually I mentioned on my blog. So same goes with our hair, hair condition like mine, so easily to dry and falls because my hair lose collagen. It won't stay elastic and growling. Therefore, the purpose of this treatment is to allow the collagen dissolve into my hair and turns my hair into more healthy condition. 

Procedures :
Step 1 : Amino Oil
Step 2 : Moisture Veil
Step 3 : Smoothing Collagen

Ta-da!! The final outcome of my hair! I LOVE IT SO MUCHIE♥ This the hair colour that I want for so long! 

All thanks to Frankie and Frank Salon, the transformation of my hair was really successful. Please don't me wrong, I'm not just impressed by the outcome of that day. My hair used to falls easily previously and whenever it was raining, I'm so worry because my hair will be so dry and messy. However, after I done my treatment at Frank Salon, all problem solved! My hair is not that dry anymore and everytime I saw rain, I won't feel terrified anymore. =)  Good job Frankie!

Let's have a look of their interior design too shall we?

This is the place that I seat. Their theme was quite unique because I found it got a bit like Egypt feel.

✿ Super friendly services.
✿  More than 12 years of professional experiences
✿  Respect customer's decision (Frankie will try his best to fulfill customer's requirement)
✿  Honest Opinion (Owner Frankie will provide suggestion and explain to you details about your current hair condition, his main concern was always giving you the healthy condition)
✿  Convenient location (I found it was convenient because it's located nearby my place and it was in Bangsar South, so you can take our breakfast or lunch downstairs as variety of cuisine was there)
✿  FREE and Easy for Parking (Yes, the parking was free and you can actually find a car park with ease because I parked just right infront of the lift! My favourite factor among all)

[ Frank Salon ]
Unit 1-7, Level 1,
Nexus, Bangsar south,
7 Jalan Kerinchi,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact : 03-2242 3109

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