[REVIEW] Mediviron UOA Clinic Treatment ‏#Part2 ❤

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Hola❤  Remember the previous post I was saying Mediviron UOA Clinic will help me to slim my arms? Yup, today post will be the "in process" I still. have another 2 days for the treatment to be completed. =)  In case you missed the previous post, here you go : http://www.shinilola.com/2014/04/review-mediviron-uoa-clinic-treatment.html

My arms are so puffy and I can't wait to get rid of it! I tried many different sports but at the end, only my waist, legs and face are getting slimmer. =(  But all thanks to @Mediviron UOA Clinic  Now I finally get the chance to slim down my arms.

Casual wear. Black dress is just simple and nice. =)
Since doctor started to inject my arms so she suggest to wear sleeveless clothes for convenient purpose.

I have no idea why my skin of that day is so fair and smooth.
Perfectttttttt for selfie.  ^^V

Once I reach the clinic, Joan led me to the premier room for waiting my turn.

At first they are showing a Hong Kong movie which is took at Malaysia. The storyline is boring so I request Joan to change into Sci-Fi classic movie - Willard. It's a classic movie when I was a kid. If you're fans of rat or mice, then you should check out this movie(If you haven't).

Let's get started !
At first, they help me apply numbing cream which help to reduce the pain while I'm being injecting.

Selfie while I'm waiting. The numbing cream will fully dissolve about 20 minutes.

This is Joan! Last time I forgot to take picture with her. =P

Reading magazine too.

Thanks for making me pretty!

Oh gosh !  I'm so excited at the same time I'm nervous because it's like quite a period I didn't do the inject. I'm not scaring of needle I just worry about the pain. LOL~  =D  In case you didn't read the previous post, in need to inject MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection into my arms to met the fat. =)

This is happening! Doctor mark down the spot of the injection area.

Another staff Areena is putting the ice pack on my arms to make my hand become numb so when doctor inject I won't feel so painful.

Doctor are started to injecting! I try to close my eyes, sit back and relax so I won't think about the pain.

Doctor was so funny, she suddenly take picture with me without my notice. LOL~
She also started to inject on left arms.

After I done with the injection, so is time for #Venus Freeze treatment.
There are little bit of reddish on my arms.

Almost done.  ^^V

She apply gel on my arms first before massage because the temperature of massage machine is quite high, so the gel is to prevent the heat directly goes onto our skin.

Then, she started to use the machine to massage my arms.
The function of venus freeze is the massage and high temperature will burn the fat more effectively.

Firstly, Areena put the temperature as 80% because the higher the temperature, the more effective to melt the fat.

After awhile, I feel a little bit hot on my arms, so I requested to lower down the temperature. So if you're doing this treatment or in future, remember to speak out if you feeling hot because they can't feel what you feel.

And we're done.  =

My arms turns more reddish after done with the venus free because of the hot temperature.
So this is my "before" picture. I will took more "after" picture on the next post because I still have 2 remaining treatment to be completed.

Sorry for the awkward post! LOL~ Areena told me to pose this so you guys can see the reddish area.

Areena and me. She is pretty and she's so skinny. ^^

Actually it's not really painful like I expected. It would be like ant bite you when you being injected.  Doctor finished the injection like 10 minutes so you won't feel so painful. Moreover, they having the numbing cream and ice pack as well to reduce your pain. So if you're a person who scaring of injection, my advice is you don't look on your injection part when doing injection and just relax your emotion. Then, you won't feel the pain.  =)

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