20 April 2014

[REVIEW] Dentiste Premium & Natural White Toothpaste ❤

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Hola guys   Have you guys having bad breath problem or your teeth are yellowish??  If you'are, no worries, your problem will be solved by reading this post. I'd read some articles and some people saying they still having bad breath even they drink a lot of water and brush their teeth. Sometime, it doesn't totally related to your eating habit, it might related to your health or might be the toothpaste that you're using.

All thanks to @HiShop I get a chance to review the Premium & Natural White Toothpaste from #Dentiste and prevent the bad breath problem comes to me. ;)

Hishop also sent me the cash voucher for HiShop and Milkadeal as well

So, what's so special about this toothpaste? With Nano-HAp in Dentiste' Premium & Natural White formula makes it effective not only at removing and preventing stain deposition but also at restoring the natural gloss of tooth enamel and results in safe, natural and whiter teeth. 

So let's give it a try shall we? =)

I always think it's ice cool effect when I saw the blue colour toothpaste.
I don't know why, the colour just make me feel this way. LOL. Have any of you feeling the same here? =)

It does have a little bit ice cool effect while I'm brushing my teeth which it's great because I feel more comfortable. =)  Remember to brush your teeth cleanly.

I feel my teeth is a bit fairer but I'm not dare enough to close up because my teeth structure is very messy. =X  Sorry for didn't provide detail picture. I'm worry I scare you guys off !

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