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TAIWAN Trip Day 8 | 台湾之旅

Hello sweeties❤  YAY~ Finally I blogged about my @Taiwan Trip Day 8 I know right~ Why I need to drag it till now only blogged. I'm so sorry guys. I will try to blog once I'm free. Hope you guys will still stay with my blog  (✿◠‿◠)

Basically today post is more focus on the @九份老街 If you guys might visit this place for your next trip, then you should check out this post. 

#1  Head-to-toes bought from @Taiwan.

#2  As usual, we took our breakfast at @麦而美.





#7  Agghhh~~~~ I miss the burger already!! Need a lot of courage to blog about foods because I always craving for them while blogging.  T______T


After finished our breakfast, we took MRT and cab to @九份老街. Coincidently, a kawaii Japanese girl are going to there as well, so 3 of us share the cab to the destination which can reduce the cost, NICE ONE! (>‿◠)✌  I will kinda dizzy while on the way because the road is like the Cameron version in Malaysia. I suggest you guys take cab instead of public bus because you will feel more dizzy and you need to wait for the long queue.  =)

#8  Here we go~



#11  Mark down this shop guys!! Why? Continue to read....



#14  Okay. I reveal the answer here. This is most weird fish ball that I ever tasted! Normally the fish ball we tasted is very elastic like? Kinda have the "doint doint" feel if you know what I means. But this one is like don't have any elastic feel at all and yet, it got no taste. =X

Meanwhile, I'm a huge fans of Wan Tan Mee(noodles) so of course I need to have a try on their local version. I feel kinda disappointed because the noddles and the soup got no taste at all, the wan tan got a littlt bit taste. Well well, no offence, my favourite wan tan mee the one that I tried at @Hong Kong. No doubt, it's one of the famous dish there. Maybe the Taiwan foods not really suit my taste. *Please don't hit me* ^_^'''

#15  Okay. I knew my face looks very happy and excited but actually I'm regret to order this after I tasted it. =X


#17  happy face but the another second I feel regret. ==

#18  I will definitely remember this shop as this is my first time and also the last time of visiting. T____T

#19  Luckily I found something nice to cheer up me ^^

#20  They also selling variety of "Ai Yu Bing".

#21  Of course, I will rather try their ice-cream more than ai yu bing since I'm ice-cream lover. =P

#22  Awww~ Those cute little ice-cream so lovely right?


#24  Recommended this #Oreo ice-cream to you guys! It's way better than the McDonlad's McFlurry!!  ^^V


#26  The environment~




#30  Windy day~


#32   Wrong example of capturing photo. My legs looks super short here ><


#34  Some of the readers or followers of my Instagram asked me where to buy nice shoes at @Taiwan, recommend you guys this shop (sorry about I forgot their shop name) but it's located at Jiu Fen.  =)

#35  As you can see they're selling different variety of shoes and their price are affordable. ^^

#36  Teehee. Another suggestion ---> #Ice-cream Dorayaki

#37  As you can see their dorayaki selling very fast!!

#38  Fyi, it's RM3 for each.


Address : 新北市瑞芳區豎崎路、輕便路、基山街等區域
Transportation : 

  • 【自行開車】

  • 【大眾運輸】

  • 公車:由瑞芳火車站前搭乘825至舊道站即可到達九份。

I blogged about @士林夜市 before > http://www.shinilola.com/2013/11/taiwan-trip-day-1.html

#40  Took our dinner at @


#42  There's a long queue before we enter the shop. We can take order whiling we queuing so when we have a seat we can just wait for our foods.  =)


#44  Tea can be re-fill.

#45  But not for rice.  =D


#47  Reached the hotel and selfie for awhile.



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  1. wow, the fish ball really doink doink feel? :P


    1. LOL~ read it carefully, I said no doint doint feel at all =X


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